Got a car for sale...see a car for sale?  Here is everything you need to know.

We appreciate hearing from everyone who reads Daily Turismo and see the following three kinds of emails on a regular basis.

1.  Reader submission:  You are a web surfing savant and found an awesome Sunbeam Alpine with S2000 drive-train and want to share it with us.  Great - just email us at, if we like the posting we will post it up and give credit to the first person who sends us the tip.

2.  Seller submission:  You are a Sunbeam savant and you've shoved a S2000 drivetrain into your Apline and want to sell it because you hate driving it.  Excellent - send us a link to your craigslist/autotrader/ebay ad to

Currently we are not accepting payment for seller submissions and all we are asking is that you like us on the facebook (  Just be sure to include your facebook username in the email.  Don't have a facebook acct because of that restraining order the Zuck put in place...fine - put up a link on any automotive forum, reddit cars, or something equivalent to our site.

However, in return for a free ad, we reserve the right to berate, ridicule, badger and otherwise belittle your ad if we find CAPSLOCK, bad photos, diamond plate bumpers and other yet to be seen offenses against taste and decency. 

3.  Navy sub mission:  You are a naval recruiter and want someone to spend 12 months at a time cooped up with 100 other men hunting for Ruskies....don't email us. Talk to Sean Connery - he defected to our side. We don't want to be on a submarine until women, children and dogs are allowed to serve underwater and they put some windows on those things for fresh air.  Also a small kart track wouldn't hurt. 

Happy hunting!


  1. Here is one for what is it?

  2. Too easy- Kelmark GT

  3. Here is one for the monster mash up...


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