Got a car for sale...see a car for sale?  Here is everything you need to know.

We appreciate hearing from everyone who reads Daily Turismo and see the following three kinds of emails on a regular basis.

1.  Reader submission:  You are a web surfing savant and found an awesome Sunbeam Alpine with S2000 drive-train and want to share it with us.  Great - just email us at, if we like the posting we will post it up and give credit to the first person who sends us the tip.

2.  Seller submission:  You are a Sunbeam savant and you've shoved a S2000 drivetrain into your Apline and want to sell it because you hate driving it.  Excellent - send us a link to your craigslist/autotrader/ebay ad to

Here is how it works.  You submit you listing from another site (like craigslist, eBay, autotrader,, or a forum listing) and we will highlight your listing as one of our regular features. If you don't have your car listed elsewhere, that is fine, just send us a few pics and details. The price at this time is $50 USD per listing, and we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't find the a buyer for your ride or are at all unhappy with the DT experience, just let us know and we'll refund your money within 5 business days.

How?  Send your seller submission to:

How much? $50.  Payable via paypal after your listing is approved (we will e-mail paypal instructions).

Who will see it?  DailyTurismo gets about 150,000 to 200,000 pageviews per month, but we also have an active 25,000 followers on facebook, 500+ people on our growing e-mail list, and the most popular episode of our radio show has gotten 20,000 listens. 

Testimonials from happy DT buyers/sellers:

Please remove, as is possible, any access to the “Saab 95 Road Kill” listing. The car is sold and the owner is getting calls at all hours of the night... Rest assured you are successful in reaching a lot of people.  

Thankyou for the Wheeler-Dealer lead on the Volvo 544 a couple of weeks ago - as it happens my son Steve has had the 'hots' for one of these since he was of driving age. So, I bought I surprised him for his 50th Birthday & we filmed the episode last Monday with Mike & Edd (great guys) in their Huntington Beach Studio - very cool, again thanks very much & 'bon chance' with your TalkRadioOne show, 

Special thanks to Daily Turismo for the Exclusive.  I have had many inquiries. I plan to give the Michigan 1800 owner the first crack to see the car this weekend as it turns out I know him from the Volvo Great Lakes Chapter! Plus it is better that someone see the car rather than buy it long distance sight unseen.

I was the owner of this vehicle featured in the last few days. It has been sold thanks to you guys. Thanks for your efforts.  


I sold the car and I had the pleasure to meet up with the buyer here in CA last week when he was here for business.Im happy that he likes the car.  He is a great guy and Im sure the car ended up in the right hands.

To bad. It's mine. Mwahahahahaha!!


  1. Here is one for what is it?

  2. Too easy- Kelmark GT

  3. Here is one for the monster mash up...

  4. Okay gang I could use some help. Have pulled two families together. Me with two kids and her with one. The 1965 Volvo 220 didn’t quite do it and the 1940 Hudson was just right for five. Now we are adding a number six. Want a replacement for the Volvo and Hudson.

    Requirements are: Fun and interesting. Can fit five plus a baby seat. Easy to work on as it is a way I am teaching the kids how things work. Does not have to be too reliable as I drive 9 miles one way and have backup modes of transport. 60s and 70s station wagons are getting really expensive and unless you put a lot into them are boring (not including the Studebaker).

  5. My semi cool Ghia just went up for sale

  6. oh boy

    When Balkan loansharks come to collect

    is there a better way to submit?
    thanks cheers

  7. Can I submit a 1994 Buick Roadmaster? Any interested takers? I'll leave the doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition.

  8. Your posts are always of great quality.


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