Friday, May 8, 2020

Red Rover Red Rover: 1977 MG B V8

This next car came with a certain amount of deja vu.  Did we already feature this car? Or have we simply seen so many Rover V8 powered MGBs that my brain has become a fog of classic British steel and aluminum alloy?  I guess this is a new entry into the world of V8 powered MGs...but I dunno. Find this 1977 MG B V8 offered for $10,500 CAD ($7,536 USD) in Courtice, ON, Canada via Tip from Erik202.

From the seller:

MGB V8 in amazing condition in and out. Powered by a Rover 3.5 litre 215 ci engine. It has a 5 speed LT77 gearbox and a Ford 9” rear end. Tires are brand new. Dual free flow exhaust sounds mean. A factory MGB Works hardtop is also included. It also comes with an extra windshield and frame. I will certify the car for a serious buyer with deposit. Rare car that’s not easily found.
Body TypeConvertible
DrivetrainRear-wheel drive (RWD)
Fuel TypeGasoline
No. of Doors2

See a better way to drive something with an alloy V8?


  1. This was what i was thinking of when i saw the above car. I think the green one compares pretty favorably tho the hotrod magazine connection is clearly lacking.

  2. Kijiji ad is gone, probably sold..?

  3. Don't see any rust, nice quality piece of wood holding the hood up...shut up and take my money! GLWS


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