Thursday, May 14, 2020

Carbage Collection: 1980s Porsche 928s...4 of 'em.

I've mentioned the phenomenon of the carbage collector before...but I'll give a refresh for the new kids in the class.  If you've ever wondered why certain cars seem to collect on your neighbors lawn like they are in a captive breeding program, it's because of the market dynamics for when parts availability is sketchy, used versions are expensive to fix, but an entirely pristine version is still worth some amount of money.  A parts car is worth considerably less than the sum of the just gotta have a barn, airport, lawn..think OG Saab 93, Triump Spitfire, Beetle, and then today's feature car...which isn't just a is 4 of them.  Find these 4 1980s Porsche 928s offered for $31500 in Concord, CA via craigslist...which is less than $8k each.

From the seller:
 1988 porsche 928
cylinders: 8 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
title status: clean
transmission: manual
For sale 4 Porsche 928s, different years, 2 running, 2 projects, all for $31.5k.

1988 Porsche 928 S4, automatic, white. 97k miles, runs great

1985 Porsche 928 s3 automatic, 102k, gray almost complete, in running condition . Fresh timing service, $800 aluminum radiator, new plugs, seals, engine image above is from this car, hand stitched dashboard. 95% complete

1986 Porsche 928 S3 Manual, Gold, 75k original miles, great interior, engine needs to be put back together, non running, great project

1982 Porsche 928 automatic, black 109k miles, interior will need to be restored, non running, but good project.

No time left to finish restorations since I’m moving out of California. These cars will be worth lots of $$.

Serious inquires only, if you love Porsche’s, this is a good investment.
These cars are rare, you have the opportunity to get all of them in one location and for the price of one.

All cars sold as one, you must take all of them. This is not for anyone, 2 of the cars will need to be restored, or use any of them as parts, No low balls and no offers without looking at them. Thank you

See a better way to be in the king of the 928?


  1. This approach to getting rid of a small collection of cars and parts cars is just insane to me, what are the odds of finding someone willing to pony up 30 grand for this combination of cars? Why not sell them piecemeal? Insane.

    1. Yeah, you'd have to find the one guy who restores these things for a living or something.
      I almost bought one about 7 years ago for $2500, looked in great shape but no AC and being Texas, I passed on that.

  2. As a 928 lover, have 2, this isn't crack money, but not a smoking deal either. Leaving out the BAtty pricing, if you had to sell in the next 30 days, my pulse touch of market would be: the 88 could fetch $12-15, the running 85 auto realistic would be $10-12k the 86 also $12-15 when running. If the 86 with engine apart, is a late 86, known as 86.5 vin#1000 plus, it would have the revised front a arms and the 4 piston Brembo's of the 87+ s4 models. Very desirable.even more if equipped with limited slip.could add $5k to value. The problem is these is they are not Chevy small blocks. Service parts and the skill to assemble is not for a weekend mechanic. $2000 to rebuild the heads, lower bearings $500, and gasket set over a grand. Front timing belt service, waterpump another $1000. You can throw $5k in parts without even trying to get it running. The 82 auto the least desirable with the 4.5l small motor and early 3 speed auto is $8k on a good day. If I had the room , I'd offer $16 cover the running 88, and spend the next 10 years parting the rest. Oh, that hand stitched leather looks like ass and is not factory and was done by a hack, the puckering and stitching done by my 10 year old.

    1. I'm not 100% up on the current 928 market, but I have to agree that the seller is asking a pretty high retail price for these 4 cars. It'll take him much longer (and more craigslist flakes) to sell each car he'd probably be wise to take a reasonable offer...but it takes two to buy/sell a car.

  3. If Porsche ever decided to build a Pacer, this is what it would look like. Especially the ones with auto tranni. I just never understood or was attracted to them? I don't see these cars ever getting nostalgia status. Especially since most of the mechanics who can fix them are now retired.

  4. A slushbox in a Pcar!..even a 928......kinda like a hooker that's a virgin. Not very desirable so I'm told.


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