Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Battle of the Rollers: 2007 Saturn Sky vs 1970 Jensen Interceptor

Picture this; you are stuck at home under stay-at-home orders and you need something to occupy your time since your internet connection is dead.  What you need is an engine and a vehicle that needs an engine.  Then you just need a few wrenches, some zip ties, a welder, and some fresh 5w30 oil.  The only question is -- which do you get, do you get a 2007 Saturn Sky setup for LS1 swap offered for $2500 or do you get an powertrain-less 1970 Jensen Interceptor offered for $3995, both are offered on Los Angeles craigslist.

From the seller of the Sky;

2007 saturn sky
fuel: gas
title status: clean
transmission: manual
For sale is a ROLLER CHASSIS of a 2007 saturn sky.

The car had a V8/LS swap in it. I am moving on to another project and the motor/trans and engine management is going into something else. Motor/transmission and engine management has all been removed already.

It started life as a 2007 saturn sky red line

Some dings on the front fascia
I have the drivers side panel and original ecm

There is NO engine, transmission, radiator, radiator fan, or engine harness.

The chassis has 120000 miles +/- 10000
Currently registered non op.
Clean title in hand.

Pickup only (you will need trailer)
2500k obo

I also have the ls swap components needed to make an ls swap in the sky/solstice work if interested. Motor mounts, transmission mount, aluminum radiator with electric fan, drive shaft needed for t56, headers that will mate with the custom exhaust that is in the car.
These would be extras, not included with the car. Contact me if interested.

From the seller of the Jensen Interceptor;
1970 Jensen Interceptor
VIN: 1255364
condition: fair
cylinders: 8 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 99999
paint color: black

title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: coupe
1970 Series II Jensen Interceptor - 99 percent complete for restomod or restoration (engine and transmission are not present) Stored in dry weather State for over 10 years. Frame and Chassis are good. 1 of only 432 Series II LHD Interceptors. The car is currently primed in Black Primer.

Which would fit in your garage? Comments below.


  1. Jensen.

    Because shooting break.

    That is all.

  2. In the long run the Jenson will be worth something and the Saturn probably won’t.
    On the other hand, on an eat, drink, drive fast cars, and be merry for tomorrow we die basis, the sky looks like a real fast cheap fun hoot.

  3. My love of fisheye photography is telling me its gotta be the Saturn

  4. Is it Sky Active with a ls 1 ?

  5. I'm not sure the interior of the Jensen is 10% there so the seller's assertion that the car is "99 percent complete" seems a bit optimistic.

  6. Jensen, no question. Too perfect! If you squint... you can see a Hellcat in that engine bay. Bam!!

    1. Yes -- it had Chrysler power when new -- why not shove a giant modern HEMI into it today.


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