Thursday, April 30, 2020

What Am I? Checkpoint Classic

DT's logo guru Kaibeezy sent this Wasthington Post article about coronavirus checkpoints in Lebanon to me and asked "Where is my mind? That brown car is not a modern car. Is it a brick? A W124?!?" and I am stumped too.  Despite my own inability to figure this out... I'm positive that somebody from the commentariat will solve this in about 5 minutes...hit it!

image from

What kind of car is this?  Comments below.


  1. Replies
    1. initial thought was an 80s BMW. I even mentioned to Kaibeezy that it has a hoffmeister kink and think a-pillars...very Bracqese. I looked at E30, nope not chrome glass. Looked at E24 6-series, nope not right. I even took a quick glance at E21 and saw chrome spindly mirrors...but they also had plastic versions for certain markets/years...Argg!! well done Enon-e-mouse!!

    2. early e30 had chrome glass frames. Definitely an early (1983-85) e30 with chrome bumpers.

  2. Fun! Nice job, whoever you are.

    Thanks for the gumball, locked-down small town in Lebanon. Road trip?

  3. You can tell it's a BMW because the poop brown windshield lock strip. They don't come that way, but they turn that color with age. Now that you know this, you'll never look at an old BMW windshield the same way again.

    1. Hey, my 80s VW Westy has that same poop-brown feature! Don't be so certain it's your silver bullet.

  4. BMW e30 from beginning of production (1983-85) imho.


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