Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Ultra Luxury Floater: 1998 Buick Park Avenue

This next car comes as a tip from Doug who writes: Can't apologize for this but if were looking for a: 1)DailyDriver with 2) low mileage 3) dependable history 4) a CA car 5) family sized 6) with boost 7) leather 8) no hood ornament nor 'portholes,' and a bunch more if your thinking along my lines; a light window tint here and powder-coat those alloys, a decent affordable ride can be had. Yes, old folks bought Buicks, and all the more reason a secondary-market purchase makes sense. They take 'em to the dealer for dirty windows and get a full once-over. They're garaged 5 days a week and have lived 30-sec 0-60 lifestyles. No, not glamorous nor a project.  Just always there when you've got other stuff to do. Besides, who ever gets pulled over in a Buick?  Find this 1998 Buick Park Avenue offered for $4250 in Vista, CA via ClassicCars.com.

From the seller:

Vehicle Description
Ultra Sedan (3.8L V6 Supercharger 4-speed Automatic)

Ultra was essentially an upgrade to the Electra Park Avenue line and features a beautiful leather interior with dual 20-way power front seats, lower-body accent exterior paint treatment, distinctive thick-padded vinyl top with limousine-style rear-window surround (available only on Ultra), burled elm trim on the doors and instrument panel, unique aluminum wheels, anti-lock brakes, brushed aluminum B-pillar moldings, specific grille and tail lamps, leather-wrapped steering wheel, electronic instrumentation, padded glove-compartment door, and unique interior door panel trim.

With only 76K original miles, this automobile has been extremely well taken care of and meticulously maintained. Boasting 240 hp @ 5200 rpm and 280 ft-lbs of torque from the 3.8L V6 engine, this sleeper does 0-60 in around 7 seconds. This is the most sought after color scheme, slate green exterior and gray leather interior, condition inside and out is excellent as you would expect.

New Pirelli P4 tires, fresh oil and filter change, all new drive belts installed, supercharger oil changed, radiator flushed and new thermostat installed, and brand new rack and pinion steering system installed. 15 Point Inspection performed. You are welcome to call my mechanic with any questions.

Clean Title and current California Smog Certificate in hand. Photo shows drivers side front center wheel cap missing; a new one has been installed.

The previous owner passed away and left it to his wife and she can no longer drive. It was his dream car. This is a "rare find" vehicle and the new owner will be highly satisfied. I have to sell my beloved toy due to financial challenges. No surprises.

Vehicle Details
Listing ID:CC-1336499
Price:$4,250 (OBO)

Location:Vista, California



Model:Park Avenue  
Exterior Color:Slate Green
Interior Color:Gray
Engine Size:V-6
Restoration History:Unrestored
Exterior Condition:Excellent
Seat Material:Leather
Engine Condition:Running
Drive Train:Rear-wheel drive 

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  1. I've seen these made into some rather sneaky sleepers by adding some breathing mods and cranking up the boost. Although with one this nice, it would probably make more sense to just enjoy it as a nice comfy highway cruiser.

    1. And I though for sure this was in FL when I saw the title...

  2. "This is the most sought after color scheme, slate green exterior and gray leather interior.."

    There's a sought after color scheme for these??

    1. Doug aka BarbPaddlesApril 14, 2020 at 10:34 AM

      ...per the selling source, so, you got that going for you. Not exciting but it'll
      keep your spouse off your back so you can do nuttier things though.

  3. Oh man, my Mom has one of these....surprisingly peppy with the S/C when compared to my Dad's N/A Buick 3.8.

    Yes, its a two Buick household.

  4. That 3800/V6 engine is incredibly durable as well. All this needs is some cooler wheels, dropped an inch and tinted windows, LOL


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