Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Pacecar of the Coronapocalypse: 2001 GMC Savana Quigley 4X4 Conversion

I hate to contribute to the general panic around the coronavirus...but like the 50th person jumping into a dogpile, I feel only a small pang of regret in my gut.  Or is that the coronavirus?  Lack of smell and pangs in your gut?  I gotta google this.  Hang on....nope, I'm good.  Anyway, if you are thinking that the virus and ensuing economic recession is going to mean you might need a bugout vehicle, I have to think that a used Quigley conversion panel van has the right combination of 4X4, skid-plate, basher bumper, and no windows to help you survive. Find this 2001 GMC Savana Quigley 4X4 Conversion here on eBay offered for $16,990 or best offer located in Braidwood, IL.

From the seller:

Item specifics
Condition: Used Year: 2001
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 1GTHG39R311145692 Mileage: 75829
For Sale By: Dealer Doors: 5 or more
Drivetrain: Four Wheel Drive Engine: 8
Make: GMC Fuel Type: Gas
Sub Model: Quigley 4x4 Vehicle Title: Clear
Transmission: Automatic Exterior Color: White
Body Type: Minivan/Van Model:

2001 GMC Savana Quigley 4x4
STOCK# 9-872-R

- 5.7 LITER GAS V8
- 9500 GVWR

This rare GMC runs out well and is in great shape for its age. This van is a full Quigley conversion, they are the best in the business and do a great job. The engine and transmission are GMs most easy and economical to maintain. The doors all open and shut like they should.

See a better way to escape into the wild?


  1. I'm trying to figure out the intended use for this van when it was built. It's using a ton of air conditioning like it was planned to be some sort of R/V, but there's no windows. No sign it ever had the sort of lighting that an ambulance would have used. The massive air conditioning doesn't seem to fit with cargo delivery, and most police departments wouldn't have sprung for all wheel drive. Some sort of mining / surveying vehicle, perhaps?

    1. In the business I'm in this would be well set up for splicing fiber optic cables. There are frequently often off-road splice locations with manholes or pedestals that would require the 4WD to access and the high top with rooftop AC meet the climate controlled environment and space required for a couple guys to fuse lots of sensitive glass together at a work bench with the aux generator humming away to power your splicing machines, outdoor lighting, submersible pump for the manhole etc.

    2. Uh, it's a straight-up Murder Van (aka Stabbin' Wagon). Just don't ask about any stains on the interior.

      No windows cuz... ain't none of your business what's going on inside
      A/C cuz... gotta keep the bodies from rotting too fast
      High top cuz... you may have to stack said bodies
      4x4 cuz... you need to get to your shack deep in the woods without getting stuck/caught

      All I'm saying is that there should be thorough background investigations performed on the seller and any overly-excited buyer. They both might be appearing on a few lists.

  2. All kidding aside (joking not joking), this is a ton (literally a 1-ton van) of functional upgrades for pennies on the dollar. I used to sell vans like this (yes I passed the background investigation) and the upgrades are worth roughly twice the asking price of this van and then factor in the cost of the non-upgraded van itself. With the low miles and condition, this looks like a good buy. These require very little and can handle a lot of abuse. I think the intake manifold gasket is the common failure on these, but that's an easy fix.

  3. Interesting vehicle with strange extras. I have owned a few vans and I don't see any support inside the roof, there may be some but I can't see it and the high roof has to be six feet high to be of any use. I had one extended length Ram van that was fine but had all the roof cross bars removed and it was a disaster until I put some back in, especially on rough terrain. I now have a Ford E350 normal roof and regular length with all the HD parts, and it works for me. I use a small RV trailer when I need 6 ft headroom. This is a good deal for the mileage but only if you need all the special stuff.

  4. I was briefly thinking of buying a used TV news van. They were often equipped like this, but with a telescoping mast with a pan / tilt mounted microwave antenna that would extend from 48 to as high as 72 feet. Just the thing for when a big ass camera tripod isn’t big ass enough.

    I have seen a few Econoline 350 vans with four-wheel-drive and a 50 foot mast it looks remarkably like this - except of course for the 50 foot mast part.

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