Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Mazda Inside: 1967 Jaguar XKE E-Type Kit

Every time I make a blanket statement, I get in trouble.  Arrgg...I just did it again.  The statement I made the other day was something about kit cars being mostly replica Cobras and things based on Volkswagen Beetle chassis and that the Jag kit was interesting and unique...and then we got a tip for another Jag kit car, this one based on an RX-7, complete with 13B rotary power?  Whaaa??  Why didn't I know about this?  Who wouldn't want the nimble reflexes of an FB RX-7 mated with the gorgeous looks of an E-Type convertible...even if it is a "gasp" kit car.  Find this 1967 Jaguar XKE E-Type Kit offered for $22500 in West Babylon, NY via craigslist. Tip from Cory.

From the seller:

1967 Jaquar XKE Mazda rx-7
VIN: JM1FB332XE0830320
condition: excellent
delivery available
fuel: gas
odometer: 4956
paint color: blue
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: convertible
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1967 Jaquar XKE E-Type replica kit car done with a Wildcat body which is very rare as they made very few of them. If this were a real 1967 XKE it would cost somewhere in the $125k range, so for a fraction of the price here is a better driving and more dependable one! Very expensive replica with many, many real Jaquar parts, as you can see, and they weren't cheap! It was built on a 1984 Mazda Rx-7 GS chassis with original 13B fuel injected rotary engine (first year for this excellent motor I believe) and 5 speed transmission. The gauges are very close to the real car, the top is Jaquar, tail lights, steering wheel is pretty close with real horn button and bumpers. This car runs and drives awesome! The paint and fit and finish is very nice for a kit car for sure! The interior is very nice and just look at the gauges. The underside is rust free, of course, and it is pretty nice actually. This kit with labor cost $70k + after buying the car! This is a very rare kit and, I personally, have never seen another one. I have the instruction booklet on building it and the Mazda owners manual along with the Chilton book for the RX-7 and a few other books and manuals! The windshield has a crack on the passenger side and the drivers window is difficult to roll up and down, other than that everything is in nice shape.

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See a better way to drive something that looks like an E-type?


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Not really my thing, but still very cool. Front end needs to be lowered a bit and would look way better in silver, IMO, but cool indeed.

  3. Get rid of those ridiculous fake knockoff hubcaps, get the proper chrome on the top of the doors and headlights and it would be sort of convincing. Using the real windscreen is impressive, that’s usually the big fail on replicas “oh look, someone replaced their Ferrari Daytona spyder windshield with a C2 Corvette’s”

    By the way if you want inexpensive wheels that look remarkably like a Dunlop alloy wheel, the compact spare from a 944 Porsche looks remarkably similar. That’s what I’d use on this.

    1. That Miata/Alfa kit from a few weeks ago was horrendous to look at because the windshield was wrong and some other terribleness.

  4. Certainly one of the nicest kit cars I've seen recently. Doesn't look like it used any Mazda body panels - attempting to merge in doors or windshields from the donor car is a pretty common way to ruin a replica.

  5. Pedantry alert: the '84 RX7 GS was a 12a not a 13b but the one dim photo of the bonnet propped open shows the GSL-SE 13b engine, indicated by the fuel injection manifold casting at the top of the engine. So if this is based on that model then it should also have a LSD and bigger rear rotors with a more common wheel bolt pattern.

    Anyway, it's nice to see a convertible top on a kit car that actually seems to fit.

    1. That was some mighty fine pedantry, David Sanborn.

  6. Not terrible. Probably the best occupant I’ve seen of the cost:convincibility sweet spot that kit cars seem to variably overlap.


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