Friday, April 10, 2020

Make or Buy: 1972 Dodge Dart Project vs 1968 Dodge Dart Turnkey

There is an old saying in the business world; there are two ways to develop a new product--make it, or buy it...but that rule also applies to classic cars.  This choice is often financially motivated, but as often it is personality based.  Therefore we are happy to present these two cars and ask which you would buy; intro and words from tipper Erik202.  I didn't grow up loving mopars or anything and I'm not sure I want to fully immerse myself in the "Dodge Guy" culture but I think having one of these Darts would be cool, just not sure which one, the project ($3580 USD) or the "turn key" version ($11,400 USD).  Find this 1968 Dodge Dart offered for $16,000 CAD ($11,400 USD) located in Sherwood Park, AB, Canada via

From the seller of the turnkey Dart;
Rare 2door sedan body
Equipment includes:
8 3/4 rear end with 3:23 gears and a sure grip
Moser axles
Super stock springs
Disc brakes
Line lock
727 with a shift kit and a high stall converter
B & M Quicksilver floor shifter
Power steering
Professionally blue printed and built 340 engine
Built to stock specs
Less than 1000 km on engine post break in
Forged crankshaft
Forged pistons
Scat con rods with 7/16 bolts
2.02\1.60 swirl polished valves
‘J’ heads
Edelbrock Performer RPM air gap intake
Ready for a nitrous kit.
Was professionally appraised at $20,200 in 2015 before engine build with over $7000 spent on build. ( have all receipts)
Asking $16000 obo. No trades.
Offers will be only considered in person after viewing vehicle.

Next up is the project.  Find this 1972 Dodge Dart offered for $5000 CAD ($3573 USD) in North Battleford, SK, Canada via

From the seller of the project Dart?

 Putting the feeler out on my 72 Dodge Dart.
Very good platform to build on. Body is in good shape, but does need new front floor pans.
All glass is good.
Comes with 5.7 hemi with proper milodon pan.
727 trans. Missing the cross member.
Was going to be my race car but may go another route.
Not needing to sell the car and not really looking for any trades. I’m asking 5000.00
Located in North Battleford

Which would you pick? Comments below.


  1. Back in past it was the "Dodge Boys" knot some half canuck..... guy.......rofl

  2. Neither, I would wait until I found the car finished the way I like, which luckily is not like either. If buy buy a project, you may never finish it and never get your money out. best to wait until you find one you like that is priced right. The finish is always cheaper and you don't have to add your time and energy.


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