Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Bella Macchina: 1993 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

This next car comes as tip from Erik202 who writes: Forums have the best deals. I swear it doesn't get any better than forums. These cars continue to be criminally undervalued. I have to mostly agree with Erik202, because forums are places were diehard lovers of certain makes/models have a reputation, so they can't go asking insane money or selling something that isn't as advertised, but I've seen some ridiculous stuff on forums too.  However, when you find a seller who is more interested in getting his car to a qualified next owner, you can often get some of the best deals on the market..particularly with oddball marques like Saabs or Alfas. Find this 1993 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce offered for $5900 in Hendersonville, NC via

From the seller:

I have a black 1993 ALFA Romeo Spider Veloce I would like to sell.
Asking $5,900.
It is a 5-speed manual with about 95,000 miles and is in good condition.
It was thoroughly gone through at Moto Europa in Greensboro, North Carolina less than 10,000 miles ago.
Includes a hardtop.
I do not have the garage space and need a bigger vehicle for my growing family.
Located in Hendersonville, NC.
Thank you,

See a better way to drive Italian?

1 comment:

  1. Wow, they made these for so long, the bumpers went from chrome, to massive, to reasonable again. I paid about the same for my very commonplace 01 Miata, which is its lesser, twin, and better all at the same time. There’s something about Europeans, that’s been said many times, but nothing about them that I ever want to own again.


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