Monday, March 9, 2020

Who Does Mr 2 Work For? 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder

If you are in the market for a cheap ($5k-$7k) late model (MY 2000+) sports car (two seats...rag top...etc) there are a few obvious choices.  The Boxster makes a good case -- but potential maintenance issues will be huge.  The MX-5 Miata is ubiquitous and not special enough.  The Audi TT suffers the same potential pocket robbing action as the Boxster but with more what car could offer a reliable platform with a focus on handling and fun.  Find this 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder offered for $6000 in Los Altos, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:

2002 toyota mr2 spyder
condition: excellent
cylinders: 4 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 116000

paint color: silver
size: compact
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: convertible
2002 MR2 Spyder
Lots of power, great body (soft top has minor problems) good tires: a really good looking, fast car. 116K miles. Fun to drive. 

 See a better way to drive something with the engine behind your back?


  1. Never liked this style as much as the first gen cars, but it still would be a ton of fun.

    1. Yeah, 1st gen cars looked way better. I saw one of these leaving Toyota HQ last week that looked and sounded ready for the track. It had a huge carbon fiber wing (not my favorite look) and the engine had a real nice mechanical sound to it.

    2. Toyota HQ in Austin? We (here in SoCal, SouthBay LA to be precise) used to see all kinds of manufacturer plated cars from Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, GM...etc...but with Nissan, Toyota moving to cheaper locales...not so much anymore.

    3. Toyota has a new corporate HQ in Plano, TX, in the JC Penney business park. Lots of their high end stuff rolling out of there. LC500s, new Supras, lots of crew cab Taco 4x4s and the occasional LFA. I've been tempted to try and jump ship there but I'm pretty cushy where I'm at.

  2. This is basically an inexpensive Lotus Elise. It's more of a track car, and a very good one I assume. The first 2 gens had decent truck space for their size but this has zero. The 1988 supercharged one is my favorite. Looks like a 1970s Italian prototype. These are great cars for $$.

  3. I hear that 2zz swaps are pretty easy on these

  4. I met someone who referred to his MR2 as Mr. Knee - Mr. Ni actually but said out loud it sounded about the same to my ears.

  5. I am biased in my comment but I prefer the first gen MR2's of which I have owned 7 (6 Supercharged and 1 NA). Not being as fast as the second gen turbos actually makes them a little less threatening and thus a bit more fun. The second gen turbo will pull 148 mph which puts it in pretty serious company for its era and it's snap oversteer in the early versions can be a bit intimidating whereas the first gen cars can be hustled around at semi-legal speeds without you worrying about calls to the Po-Po. They are smaller, lighter and just an absolute hoot to drive not to mention look to be solid in terms of future demand.

    1. 7. 7 first gen MR2s. Dang. You didn't learn your lesson the first 6 times!?? :) The only first gen MR2 I've driven was a 24 Hrs of LeMons car with a Kawasaki superbike engine mounted amidships and shifted with a sequential I'm not sure what a basic MR2 first gen drives like. I did consider buying a 3rd gen MR2 Spyder when they were new.

  6. I never thought of these as particularly italianate but I can see it if I squint...

    The first gen was and always will be the OG but it was the second that drew my lustful gaze time and again. These always seemed a bridge too far for the brand and a wee bit effeminate compared to the first two.

    1. I think you mean 'Italianesque'. Then you don't have to squint quite as hard, especially if you are having a good carbonara with a chianti.


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