Saturday, March 28, 2020

What Could Go Wrong? 1980 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II

I'm just going to leave this next car here with a simple comment: a 40 year old Rolls Royce Silver Wraith for about 6 grand!??!  What could possibly go wrong??!  Find this 1980 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II offered for $6500 in Downey, CA via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:
 1980 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II
fuel: gas
odometer: 47000
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
Hello, I’m helping to sell my grandfathers 1980 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II Sedan it has only 47,000 Miles seeking $6,500 or best serious cash offer takes it

It’s a very rare car it’s the last year made for this elegant genuine Rolls Royce Body Style it was hand built in England it’s a collector car

It’s been in storage for about a year needs minor TLC Very original car always gets compliments such an elegant color combination

if you have any questions please call me at show contact info Ask For Jenny


See a better way to start your Rolls car collection?


  1. Based on the first picture, it is all downhill gliding from here. Surely can't lose more than the average 401k at this point. Actually looks to be in very nice shape for its age, which I can't claim as the same for me.

  2. Somebody call Hoovie !

  3. What is, "minor TLC" , on a 40 year old Rolls? I venture to guess that there is no such thing.

  4. Project cars for the next 6-12 months: Corona-Resto-Rods.

    If you can't get the Rolls running, just 2 words:

    Electric Conversion.

    Why the heck not? Beautiful interior.

    -Stan (the loves-to-work-on-old-cars Stan...)

    1. I have always thought that Rolls Royces were the cars most suited to electric conversion.
      I wonder what a Tesla power train swap would involve.

  5. Fellow I worked with had one of these. He bought the service manuals which were excellent. Some systems were quite complex and took time and patience to work on. He said it was much simpler than a Mercedes. Parts were not too expensive.

    Was a wonderful car to ride in.

    1. If they are anything like the manuals I have for my triumph TR3 it probably stops just short of casting your own parts from scratch. I think there is a chapter on rebuilding the starter that ends with saying that rewinding the motor requires special equipment and should be left to specialists.


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