Monday, March 16, 2020

Coffee Brake: Stop the Corona Virus

I've been getting my inbox bombarded with notes from random faceless corporations telling me they've got a plan for this COVID-19 I feel like DT should make some official statement to the affect that we are canceling our Cars & Coughy meetings and minimizing co-sleeping in the office.  Yes.  Official and authoritative...we are asking our employees to work from home and we are implementing strict guidelines to minimize the affect on our employees and our bottom line while keeping our customers...uggg..I can't keep a straight face...

Umm...okay...I've got to be clear with you.  All of DT's various writers, contributors, logo gurus, commenters, and backpatters don't come to some shared office or work anything other than the time they choose...think of employment at DT like an unpaid internship except without all of the glory and prestige.  Writing for DT is like going to the dentist, getting gassed, your teeth drilled, paying a huge bill, and then finding out out you still have cavities...and nobody at the dentist office had anything higher than a 7th grade education.  But I feel like I'm losing focus of what I'm trying to say here...lemme get this train wreck back on track.

All of the people who make DT the place it is have other jobs, careers, and livelihoods -- so don't worry about us -- we'll be fine (unlike the cruise ship industry...those people are borked). But there are scores of people in the DT family who will be affected -- like elderly car collecting folks who might end up in hospital, first responders and medical professionals (saying a prayer for your DoctorDel) who seem to be hit particularly hard by this virus, folks who will be furloughed from work without pay (FuelTruck, I hope you keep on trucking and fuel keeps flowing) -- these people need our help and it is probably best served (if you believe the experts) by putting yourself in quarantine.  So DT joins the scores of other people telling you to lay low and work from the home for the next few weeks if you can, and stop hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer -- you are embarrassing yourselves.  Pay attention to the news, keep the tips flowing, and spend more time with your immediate family (if you don't have one...consider DT one of them...we'll promise to cause grief at Thanksgiving and always show up on time for Christmas dinner).

I want to talk in a later post about the affects this period of quarantine will have on the used car market (expect some big changes if the economy and employment rate takes a dump) but for now I just want you all to be safe, stay safe, take care of your neighbors and reach out to me if you need anything. 

Seriously, if you need anything, send an email.

Vince Barbarie
DT Editor-in-Chief


  1. Thanks Vince, so far so good for the fuel situation; prices are down, and the trucking industry is still rolling along for now, so I'm still busy. I serve mostly truckstops, so I'm more worried about those places serving as hubs for various Typhoid Marys dragging viral junk in from all over the country, but they are a necessary evil if we, as a nation, expect to find food and goods in our stores. Best any of us can do is follow the practices laid out for us by the various health officials, and use common sense. I hope everyone takes care, and we can all pull together to get through the current crisis.

    1. Hi Fueltruck, I hope that you saw the 60-minutes on driverless trucks driving around in Texas. You better secure your retirement, your professional time is limited. :-( FYI, I was always on the driver's side until recently, when they started hogging and clogging up the roads and made driving no fun near metro areas.

  2. Thanks for your wishes and humorous respite. The emergency room has been expectedly chock full of pandemonium. from what I understand, grocery stores are an order of magnitude worse, though. I wouldn’t know… I haven’t had a chance to get there yet. Donning and doffing were two words I never thought I would say more than maybe seven times in my life, aside from how they relate to surgical gloves. we will get through this, thankfully almost all of us will get through it alive. In the meantime, please adhere to the best advice of our professionals, wash your hands and keep your distance. these recommendations have been made for good reason and are not designed to in any way, shape or form misdirect anyone. As for me, I will continue tending to the worried well and sick alike. Oh, I will also be preparing myself for the coming corona birth boom starting in nine months.

    Please stay safe and positive. And don’t be tempted to buy all the toilet paper. It doesn’t really matter and you won’t need it…

    1. Thank you for being on the front lines of this plague Doc! You are a real deal hero brother. I was in the ER Tuesday for flu like symptoms compounded with gastritis. I've ended up in the ER a number of times over the last few years due to various issues and I've never seen it that busy (Lewisville,TX). I tested negative for flu and strep, they didn't have a Covid test but my lungs weren't locking up on me so they sent me home for 2 week self quarantine. Thankfully I'm on the mend but talk about a terrifying experience.

  3. You guys are THE BEST.The humor along is worth the price of entry! Many thanks! And I'm sick gdamnit! Not the KungFlu but I feel like a Trabant thats just been rolled......and yes DoctorDel take care of yourself and your peeps..having had mucho experience with Naval Med over the last 40 years I can say without reservation no one has done more for the rest of us. If I wasnt a Satanist I'd say Dog bless you. We're here and we aint going anywhere!


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