Monday, March 2, 2020

Built Stroker: 1973 Mercury Comet GT

If the Ford Maverick is the little known step brother of the Mustang, then it's cousin the Mercury Comet is even more obscure.  The Comet GT trim level was the muscle car trim package that upped the ante with the 302 V8 engine.  These cars were originally conceived as import fighters, but in reality duked it out for sales with the Chevy Nova and Dodge Dart...and they make a nice platform for a V8 cruiser today. Find this 1973 Mercury Comet GT offered for $13,200 in Tampa Bay, FL via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

1973 mercury comet
fuel: gas
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
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1973 Comet GT
No expense spared when built, attention to detail throughout, parts only have 1500 miles on them
Built 347 Stroker
Built C4 Automatic trans w/cooler and E-fan set up

Aluminum heads, powder coated Edelbrock intake, 303 cam, billet aluminum serpentine belt-drive system, GM distributor conversion, Boss Ford racing engine dress up, AN Fittings and braided line throughout, side mount oil filters, etc, etc
Vintage A/C system
Power steering system with cooler and E-fan set up
Polished Aluminum Radiator with big CFM E-fan and Ford Racing hoses
5lug Power Disc Brake system, Hersy dual piston calipers
Built driveline and rear end (3:73 gear ratio)
Mag wheels, traction bars
Equipped with headers and a true dual Flowmaster exhaust system
Replaced fuel system and big electric fuel pump mounted aside tank
Hard to find options like Front and rear small bumpers and rear wing all present

Powder coated (hammered finish) bumper brackets, hood catch assembly, and much more throughout
All glass, trim, and weatherstripping restored or replaced throughout
Interior new or restored from top to bottom
Car is a must see, over 20k invested in this car by previous owner and its obvious
Car runs and drives smooth, this is a comfortable street car (not a track car)
Very solid and straight southern body with paint defects
Undercarriage is very solid and original
Car can be shown by scheduled appointment only
Located in Brooksville, FL 

 See a better way to drive something blue?


  1. Now there's a car you won't see coming and going at every stoplight!

  2. How many gauges does it take to drive a Mercury Comet?

  3. A cogged blower belt to turn a water pump and alternator? Seems a bit of overkill there. I think the first thing I would have to do would be to seek out a nice clean Maverick nose to swap over. Sure looks fun though.


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