Thursday, March 26, 2020

Bubble Wrapped 255kms: 1997 BMW 740i E38

To quote one of my favorite podcaster/medical experts (Peter Attia); I'm giving up drinking for a month.  Whoops, bad punctuation; I'm giving up. Drinking for a month.  Anyway, the COVID-19 thing has gotten me a little stir crazy because I'm cooped up inside with a wife and three kids, but that doesn't mean I can't dream about buying a 255km E38 BMW. I know, you could get a BRAND NEW 740i with self driving whatchamalits and full automatic self leveling cupholders for that price.'d just be another middle aged suit driving something that everyone else has.  The brand new E38...yeah...I'd start driving it every day, like it was a new car. But I mentioned this to Kaibeezy and he said -- 55K euros is a bucket of clams for a car you'd be a bratwurst to drive. Find this 1997 BMW 740i E38 here on eBay bidding for $55,650 Euros ($60,729 USD) with a few days to go, located in Germany.

From the seller:
Item features
Item condition:
New: New, unused and undamaged item in the unopened packaging (as far as packaging ... More about
Fuel: petrol
Mileage: 000.255 Number of doors: 4th
Power: 286 Brand: BMW
Hi-fi / navigation: Radio / cassette Model: BMW E38
Security features: Anti-lock braking system (ABS), passenger airbag, driver airbag, side airbag, stability control (ESP) Type: limousine
Metallic paint: Yes Transmission: Automatic
Modified article: No Accident / hobbyist vehicle: No accident / hobby vehicle.
Comfort equipment: Electrically adjustable seats, power windows, height-adjustable steering wheel, automatic climate control, leather seats, parking sensors, power steering, seat heating Date of first registration: 19970924
Colour: green
Weltweit einzigste BMW E38 740i im Neuwagenzustand.
Laufleistung 000.255 km  (Kein Motoraustauch, Kein renovation, oder sonstige).
Keine Anzeichen für den Zeitlauf. Kein einzige Kratze, Kein Beulen, oder Rostansatze. 
In Luftkapsel mit mechanischer Luftumwälzung gelagert.

KEIN Japaner oder USA. Deutsche Fahrzeugbrief aus dem 1997 mit 1 eintrag - Dame geboren 1927.

Weitere Fotos auf E-mailanfrage.
Geschlossener Transport innerhalb der EU ist möglich.


The only one available in the world, brand new BMW E38 740i
Not renovated.
No signs of the passage of time. Currently stored in air capsule with a mechanical air recirculation.
Not Japanese or USA. German registration document from 1997.
More photos on E-mail request.
Closed Transport within EU is Possible.
Am 25.03.20 hat der Verkäufer die folgenden Angaben hinzugefügt:

Due to a misinterpretation of the American press, I would like to inform you that the entry "Not Japanese or USA" refers to the origin of the car and does not concern the possibility of selling to these countries.

See a better way to drive something new?


  1. "It's only original once"
    Counterpoint: it would drive, ride, and handle better if it were objectively slightly worse in every manner, with the exception of brand new, modern tires.

    I would like to say, that paint looks great in such good condition.

  2. $65K New 1997- Gold $365/oz in 1997 If you bought gold -today you'd looking at $300K- AND you wouldn't have to replace the timing chain guides!!!

  3. What are/were the chances:

  4. So it needs every last gasket and seal replaced now because some fool thought he can preserve it by not driving it.. Stupid

  5. Not sure if I would consider this a good deal. I never liked the 7-series limo and those that do would probably be happier in the newer ones since they would probably use the rear seat. I always thought the 5 series was the better car (for me). I have and still drive an old 190 E from 1991 and the paint was better in those years, but I am having trouble getting it fixed due to parts no longer being produced? MB get off your high horse and make parts available for the older cars.

  6. Most. Expensive. Snowglobe. Ever.

    -Stan (the "Christmas in March" Stan...)


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