Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Supercharging Is Not A Crime: 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

I've seen lots of strange things in craigslist adverts.  Dirty thumbs and oily rags obscure license plates for some unknown reason on a regular basis...and there is a certain subset of the population who can only find time to take pics of their car at the gas station at night (vampires?)..but this next car is a new highlight in the smorgasbord that is craigslist.  I present..the first...the only..crime scene tape in a craigslist photo shoot.  Bravo.  Well done.  Find this 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC with supercharger offered for $8500 in Shepherdsville, KY via craigslist. Tip from Jeff.

From the seller:
1998 lincoln mark viii lsc
VIN: 1LNFM92V7WY660781
condition: like new
cylinders: 8 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 18450
paint color: red
size: full-size
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: sedan
-Only 1 previous owner, garage kept with both owners.
-No cosmetic defects/damage/deterioration.
-No mechanical defects/damage.
-ONLY 18450 miles and almost all highway miles!
-Runs and drives very well.
-I have almost if not all service receipts from the time we have owned it and would be happy to provide any additional information and/or pictures as well as copy of Carfax report.

**(After market modifications brings HP to roughly 450hp.)
*Interceptor gauges by Aero Force
*High performance headers
*SS high performance exhaust
*Ford racing locker 4.07
-FRONT-Hankook Ventus 255/40ZR19 modular performance wheels
-REAR-Mickey Thompson street radials p265/40R18.

(This was my dads car, his project/play toy whenever he wasn't working as an OTR driver. He bought it around 2006, and spent a lot of time and money taking it from a car that was already in pristine condition with minimal wear and turning it into a very fast and fun car that is still in excellent shape and still runs great. Unfortunately, dad died last December. As much as i want to keep this car for a number of reasons, I cant. Ive got to take care of my family now that hes gone as well as my own since im having my 2nd child in a few weeks. I cant bear to just let it sit and collect dust so...hopefully someone will see this car the way my dad did and can make it their own)

Passenger Alarm
Alloy Wheels
AM/FM Radio
Multi-disc CD Changer
Anti-Lock Brake
sBucket Seats
Cassette Radio
Cruise Control
Leather Interior
Memory Seats
Power Locks
Power Seats
Power Steering
Power Windows
Premium Sound
Rear Window Defroster
Remote Keyless Entry
Tinted Glass

Premium Sound System
Leather Seats
Memory Seat
Alloy Wheels
do NOT contact me with uns

See a better way to park at a crime scene?


  1. I kinda liked these back 10 or more years ago found a clean one on a local car lot and was so disappointed with the the way it drove and handled, my Mom had a late 80's T-Bird and it drove just like that car, not that the bird was a bad car really just not what i was looking for in a Lincoln and yup same underpinnings as Bird and Cougar.

  2. I can't decide if I should love it or hate it! :)

  3. I keep asking myself:

    "Why would a car like this be driven less than 1,000 miles a year?"

    And my answers are not encouraging.

    -Stan (...yeah, *that* Stan...)

  4. A few years ago I liked her a little, found a clean one in a local car park, and was so disappointed with the way I drove and drove that my mother had a T-Bird in the late 80's and she drove like that. Car, not that the bird was a bad car, it really wasn't what I was looking for in a Lincoln and yes, the same basics as Bird and Cougar.


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