Monday, February 24, 2020

Living In An Analog World: 2007 BMW 328i Wagon E91

A new BMW 3-series offers a boat load of technology, safety, performance, and gadgets for aspiring executive (or trust fund high schooler). You get the latest direct injection 4-cylinder engine that is boosted with a small turbocharger (or two?...I really don't know or care to find out) and all manner of lane departure warning systems and self leveling wheel caps...but what you can't get is a wagon or a manual gearbox in a 3-series.  BMW...I don't know you anymore. haven't cared about my opinion since I swore off buying new cars decades ago and have lived an autotrader/craigslist/offerup dream life...but I'm gonna miss the 3-series in about 10 years when the depreciated ones are all fitted with some kinda 8 speed slushbox flappy paddle gearbox and powered by a beryllium warp core and the steering wheel has been replaced with a joystick.  I think I now know why I've preferred the company of geezers since I was a young lad.  New digital tech is weaksauce and experience cannot be googled or found on twitter. GET OFF MY LAWN!  Find this 2007 BMW 328i Wagon offered for $9500 near Hudson Valley via craigslist. Tip from Cory.

From the seller:

2007 bmw 328i
VIN: WBAVS13547FV95050
condition: good
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 172000
paint color: white
size: compact
title status: clean
transmission: manual

type: wagon
Here is a very nice 2007 BMW E91 wagon, with a very unusual and hard to find specification including;
-Alpine White over Terra Dakota (brown) leather
-6 speed manual transmission
-Sports Package - 17" alloys, better seats, better suspension, better steering wheel etc.
-Rear Park Distance Control
-Panoramic sunroof

If you're looking at this ad, you probably already know how much of a unicorn this car is. Being a 2007, it brings many attributes BMW is known for, as we stray further from The Ultimate Driving Machine's roots;
-Good 'ol fashioned hydraulic power steering for the perfect road feel and steering feedback
-RWD-the front end is not overburdened with clumsy AWD, muddying the crisp handling
-Simple, honest, naturally aspirated, smooth as silk I-6 that is easy to maintain and will run forever
-MANUAL trans, in a wagon nontheless!
-Stock! No tasteless modifications or poorly installed "performance" upgrades-just a nice clean slate if you want to do upgrades.

Recent maintenance in the past 2 months includes;
-Set of BMW 17" Style 159 wheels with TPMS sensors and Dunlop Runflat snow tires
-BMW all weather front floor mats
-Coolant temp sensor
-Coolant level sensor
-Coolant hose + holder- thermostat to oil filter housing
-BMW coolant
-Intake camshaft position sensor and new o-rings on both sensors
-Valvetronic eccentric shaft sensor
-Valve cover/PCV hose/PCV heater
-Oil filter housing/pressure switch/hardware
-3 ignition coils
-Spark plugs
-Oil filter/engine air filter/cabin air filter
-Mobil 1 0w-40 oil change
-Power steering reservoir and fluid exchange
-BMW battery
-Clutch replaced by previous owner 5/18. Radiator replaced by previous owner 11/17.
All parts were genuine BMW or OE supplier to BMW.

The original wheels are included as well but will need tires.

I intend on doing some additional preventative maintenance and a thorough detail and listing it on BringaTrailer, but figured I'd offer it here first before the price is adjusted accordingly.

I may consider a trade/trade +$ for a 100 series Land Cruiser or reg cab/4wd/5.7l Tundra.

See a better way to drive something from the glory days of the motor car?


  1. 'Cause I'm a twenty-first century digital boy
    I don't know how to drive stick, but I have a lot of cool toys!

  2. Dude ain’t lying: that is a cool spec. White over brown is a tasty chocolate treat. I guess if it doesn’t sell here we at least know the BaT reserve.

  3. Crack pipe pricing. My other ( not better) half has a slushbox 07 328 wagon. Often thought what a great wagon....if only it had a 5 speed.....errrrrrrrr......6 speed manny. Now here's one and the guy wants about a third again price wise of a slushbox. Of course it's in upstate NY.... Some Hudson Valleyer who wants the perceived ' cachet' might pony up. I doubt it says the Vox Populi!

  4. Crack pipe pricing at $9500???? This one on BAT sold for nearly double.

  5. I think that the sheer lack of manual equipped wagons from the 2000+ era means that this thing might maintain value better than the average SMG equipped M3. Just sayin.


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