Thursday, January 9, 2020

Mud Ready: 1946 Willys Jeep CJ5

There are two basic groups of people.  The first is the person who comes up with dozens of reasons you shouldn't drive a WWII era Army Jeep every, comfort, fuel, etc, etc.  And the second group is the kind of person who realizes just how awesome it would be a cruise the roads of your locale with this next beast. Find this 1946 Willys Jeep CJ5 offered for $6,200 in San Jose, CA via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:

1946 cj5 jeep
VIN: sn61584
condition: excellent
cylinders: 6 cylinders

drive: 4wd
fuel: gas
paint color: green
size: sub-compact
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: other

1946 willys cj5 jeep, body off restoration, 6 cyl Kaiser spitfire flathead engine completely rebuilt new clutch and pressure plate, all new brake system, shoes,wheel cylinders master cyl, everything has been replaced. really too much to list, asking 6,200 0or will negotiate price.

See a better way to drive around with an axe?


  1. Labor difficulties began to emerge at the Willys-Overland Toledo plant that resulted in a violent strike in 1919, shutting down the plant for several months. Willys hired General Motors vice-president Walter Chrysler to run the Willys-Overland operation at the then astonishing salary of $1 million a year. However, Chrysler tried to oust John Willys with an attempted takeover bid that backfired when the shareholders resisted his move and Chrysler left in 1921 to go into business for himself.

  2. Not a CJ-5 but a CJ-2 ? Also don't believe this motor was offered most were 4 bangers i know the wagon's had the 6 popper.


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