Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Mid Engine Mayhem: 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT

The Fiero was first launched in 1984, but GM finally fitted the mid engine Fiero with a proper suspension for the 1988 model year and then promptly discontinued the car.  The 1988 cars are the rarest and most desirable Fiero's to own.  These cars are definitely on the DT list of most commonly featured engine swaps.  Today's car prompts a tough question to answer: is it wiser a to leave a stock 1988 car alone or throw caution to the wind and pick a favorite GM fwd engine to swap in??  Will a nice 1988 Fiero GT ever appreciate in the future?  I think I'll stick to this stock example. Find this 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT offered for $5200 in Paradise Hills, CA via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

1988 pontiac fiero gt
condition: excellent
cylinders: 6 cylinders
delivery available
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 170
paint color: red
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: coupe
Up for sale my 1988 fiero GT
The cars runs great and has no issues
Extremely well maintained
All service are up too date the car is totally bone stock and all orginal
Currently registered and title in hand

show contact info

Fiero SE 2M6
A total of 370,168 Fieros were produced over the relatively short production run of five years; by comparison, 163,000 Toyota MR2s were sold in their first five years.

The word fiero means "proud", "fierce", "bold", "haughty" "cruel", "severe" in Italian, and "wild", "fierce", or "ferocious" in Spanish.
The Pontiac Fiero is a mid-engined sports car that was built by General Motors from 1983 to 1988 for the 1984 to 1988 model years. The Fiero was designed by George Milidrag and Hulki Aldikacti as a sports car. The Fiero was the first two-seater Pontiac since the 1926 to 1938 coupes, and the first, mass-produced mid-engine sports car by a U.S. manufacturer. Many technologies incorporated in the Fiero design such as composite panels were radical for their time. Other features included hidden headlamps and, initially, integrated stereo speakers within the driver and passenger headrests.

See a better way to drive a mid engine murican car? tips@dailyturismo.com

1 comment:

  1. Seems to me that there was an overabundance of white Fieros, at least this one is not. Looks like z good bit of fun for five grand.


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