Monday, January 27, 2020

Mercury Rising: 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis 5-Spd

The Ford Crown Victoria (and its sister cars at Lincoln and Mercury, the Town Car and Grand Marquis respectively) was a big body on frame beast built for the fleet car market.  Cops, security guards, limo drivers, and old people put billions of miles on the 1.5 million examples that rolled off Fords production lines from 1993-2012...but the biggest downside from the perspective of a guy like me was the lack of a manual gearbox.  It's no Miata, but that doesn't mean I can't try? This next example finally has the gearbox that'll let you give it a try. Find this 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis offered for $4900 in Annapolis, MD via craigslist. Tip from Eric.

From the seller:

1998 mercury grand marquis
VIN: 2MEFM74W0WX627344
condition: like new
cylinders: 8 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 129895
paint color: silver
size: full-size
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: sedan
Up for sale is my 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis. This is my current daily driver. This car is truly one of a kind. The only reason I'm selling her is because I bought a truck and need some space. Here is the good and bad:

The Bad (lets just get this out the way)
1. The fabric on the headliner is coming down in a couple places.
2. Could use tires in the near future.
3. Serpentine belt is squeeky in the morning (cold starts)
4. Speedo is off due to transmission swap

The Good
1. Tremec TR3650 out of a wrecked mustang bullit with no miles on it
2. 10.5" clutch (cobra set up not the OE GT 11" set up... Less rotating mass for quicker RPMs)
3. Custom clutch pedal set up (super strong/thick steel was used for the pedal assembly & cable adjuster bracket at firewall)
4. Detroit TrueTrac setup in the rear differential mated to a Ford Racing 3.73 gear ratio (makes for getting through the gears pretty quick)
5. Front CATS hollowed out, rear CATS removed, H-pipe back is from a p71 dual exhaust with Magnaflow muffler (sounds perfect. Not LOUD not quiet... just RIGHT)
6. Absolutely NO RUST anywhere! (I mean ANYWHERE)
7. Best for last, Registered Historic (NO emissions, NO inspection just tags and hit the open road)

This is probably the only Grand Marquis that could get you in trouble, its literally a 4 door Mustang GT. Its a blast to drive and from 10 feet away it looks completely stock. Let me know if your interested. Test drives encouraged.

Sam Call or Text (preferred)
Six 4 Six 3 one 8 two 6 seven 3

INFO on TrueTrac rear :


 See a better way to go fast in a Mercury?


  1. I'm kinda bored today..I think I'll go out into the garage and weld up a pedal assembly and grab a Tremec and pop it into grandpas sedan. Boy wont he be surprised when he wakes up!

  2. 3.5K PREMIUM for a 3rd pedal.....over stocker AOD not in my book.

  3. A '98 registered as antique. Meanwhile, my current state of residence (Arkansas) just started enforcing a 45 year age standard for historic/antique vehicles.


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