Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year: What Is Best Used Car From Last Decade?

Happy New Year to everyone out there in cyber space...I hope the '20s bring you as much joy, happiness, and car bliss as the teens have delivered.  For today's post I want to ask a simple question -- what is the best used car to buy from the 2010-2019 decade?  I'm not sure my choice is the "BEST" car of the decade, but it offers a fabulous bang for the buck. Find this 2013 Ford Focus ST offered for $12599 in SF Bay Area, CA via craigslist.

What would you drive from the 2010 era?


  1. "What would you drive from the 2010 era?"

    My daily driver: a 2016 Golf R 6MT. I've not encountered anything to top it in the past 10 years.
    But these Foci are pretty slick also...firmly in the Hot Hatch/Bang-4-bucks realm.

  2. I'd probably rock one of the pony cars, maybe a Coyote powered Mustang.

  3. How about you don't return with your spam and all.


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