Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Dig Those Mirrors: 1970 Lotus Europa S2 RaceCar

This next car comes from Erik202 who writes: I know this one is slightly above the DT budget but maybe there are some readers who've been saving that Christmas money from grandma up for the last i dunno, 30-40 years and can to afford stretch a little for something cool. Find this 1970 Lotus Europa S2 offered for $25000 in Westside Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:

1970 Lotus Europa
VIN: 7004100234R
fuel: gas
title status: missing

transmission: manual
type: coupe
This is one of the few ready to race Europa race cars in the country. Races in vintage EP class.
-Engine was recently built by Lotus Prepared by Claudius Renault 843 Hemi Crossflow with 2 hours of track time.
- Forged Carillo pistons and rods, steel sleeves, custom mild race cam. 10.5/1 compression for a long life.

-Twin Italian Weber DCOE 45s. Electronic distributor by 123 Ignition.
-Aluminum flywheel with steel insert for longer life.
-Dyno tuned by Ed Pink Racing Engines to 143hp at the wheels.
-5-speed Renault 395 gearbox.
-Twin brake master cylinder, hydraulic clutch.
-ATL bagged fuel 5gal fuel cell in front, fire suppression, caged, etc.
-Panasport Ultralight race wheels
-Full belly pan made of resin-coated, aircraft-grade spruce.
-Carbon race seat, with second fiberglass passenger seat not installed.
-No title but does have vin plates and is a Federal car, so can be titled and driven on road. 

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  1. $25k Daaaamn!! I remember seeing these occasionally in the Autotrader and later in online versions in the 90's going for $3-5k, missed opportunities...

  2. Boy the 30-year-old me really ought to have this unfortunately he won’t pick up the phone.

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