Friday, December 20, 2019

High Watermark or Just High? 1985 Mazda RX-7

A few years ago I would have said that ten large is a stupid sum of money to pay for a first generation RX-7...but I don't know these days.  Classic cars are getting gobbled up my well heeled millennials, grubby fingered gen-Xers, and greedy boomers...but the RX-7 has been cheap for years.  Maybe it's time the spinning apex seal clubber gets its time in the sun?  Or you could at least own this low (53k) mile example and drive it till the miles put it in line with the rest of the market. Find this 1985 Mazda RX-7 offered for $9800 in Arcadia, CA via hemmings. Tip from BP.

From the seller:

Location: Arcadia, California, 91006
VIN #: jm1fb3314f0911645
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Excellent
Exterior: Gun powder grey
Interior: Grey

Seller’s Description:

1985 Mazda Rx7 purchased about 2 years ago and it's time for someone else to enjoy. I am the 3rd owner but I am more like the 2nd as the previous owner only kept the car for a short period before selling it to me . I purchased the car from The Fast Lane Cars (a Youtube Channel that bought it to review - attached is the Youtube review of the car). I only drove the car on the weekend and never let me down as everything works; radio, antenna (still goes up and down) and even the light on the door's key lock lights up. Tires have about 3,000 miles on them. This car is in great shape and didn't have to do anything to it since it was almost perfect! Rust free RX7. Please text me at show contact info if you would like to see it.

Price: $9,800 obo

 See a better way to drive a great example of a simple late model classic?


  1. Dang, this thing looks brand new with great miles to boot. Not sure about pricing, but finding a cleaner example would be hard to beat I bet.

  2. Well, when you buy the car off of YouTube more or less and probably paid a pretty price, and it was hardly driven by that owner, and only for two years by this owner, inquiring minds want to know. Whats wrong with this car?

  3. This car looks to be in amazing shape... better then any I have seen prior infact. These cars are seeing strong appreciation and personally I think this is a no brainer at this ask. It's not the more desirable GSL-SE model but good luck finding a specimen such as this. And the colors are right as well. I do think this is a $25,000 car in the not to distant future...


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