Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Chevy V8 Swapped: 1985 Mazda RX-7

The first generation RX-7 (SA/FB built in Japan from 1978 to 1985) was a beautiful ballerina in the sports car world.  The RX-7's lithe frame was propelled by an equally dainty engine - the Mazda rotary...which was known for revvving high, consuming fuel, and sounding like angry bees when uncorked.  However, they are expensive to repair and many have (for better or worse) been swapped with another powertrain...and this next one is the most basic of swaps...Chebby V8 and 700R4 slushbox.  Find this 1985 Mazda RX-7 offered for $5900 in Caldwell, ID via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

 From the seller:

1985 Mazda Rx7 Gsl
condition: good
cylinders: 8 cylinders
drive: rwd

fuel: gas
paint color: red
size: compact
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: hatchback

1985 Mazda RX7 GSL V8 350 SBC with 700r4 Transmission. The engine has 1.6 ratio roller rockers, mild performance cam, new 600 Holly Carb with 1" spacer on a Eps Edelbrock dual plane intake. There are Sanderson ceramic coated high flow headers 2 1/2" into a single 3" exhaust with a 50 series Flowmaster. Fuel delivery is from a Moroso electric fuel pump. The cooling system consists of an aluminum radiator electric fan and shroud, a Davies Craig EWP150 Electric water pump and digital controller. This controls engine temp by variable pump speed and cooling fan control without a mechanical thermostat. The 700r4 tranny is from a Corvette, has a shift kit and a 2500 stall converter. The rearend has 3.90 gears with posi and disc brakes all around. The wheels are 15" with 205 50r 15 toyos. There are adjustable coilovers in the front and Polyurethane bushings all around. This car has manual steering with a new steering box. The engine and tranny are both solid mounted. Very much a blast to drive, and a great platform for someone who wants a V8 Rx7, but is not comfortable with the process of converting one. Please only serious buyers with cash. Please call

See a better way to run with a V8?


  1. Wasn't there a better solution than cutting the hood for that air cleaner? So close, and yet my old rule applies: if you have to cut the hood, it doesn't fit.

    1. I've seen that same air cleaner used - through the hood - on third generation RX7 V8 swaps too. There's not a lot of hood clearance for a carbed intake. Short of a very low profile EFI manifold like an LS1's, the only other option would be a scoop or cowl hood, unless you're able to get the engine a lot lower in the chassis than normal.

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  3. Fugly wheels as seller says not comfortable with sticking air cleaner thru the hood so i am out.lmao


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