Monday, November 11, 2019

Spider Eyes Cherokee: 1986 Jeep Wagoneer Limited XJ

In 1984 the XJ generation of the Jeep Cherokee was released into the public, but it used a modern unibody monocoque instead of the traditional body-on-frame setup of the previous Jeepy things. This meant it was lighter and less clunky to drive around town than previous huge Jeep monsters, but still off road capable because it all wheel drive and torquey motors.  However, this next Cherokee is no ordinary example, if fact it is a Jeep Wagoneer Limited, not related to the Grand Wagoneer, but a highly optioned XJ with a unique headlight setup that makes it hard to miss. Find this 1986 Jeep Wagoneer Limited XJ offered for $8,500 in Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:

1986 Jeep Wagoneer
VIN: 1JCWC7569GT140238
condition: excellent
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: 4wd
fuel: gas
odometer: 12000
paint color: white
size: full-size
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: SUV
Fully Restored / Rebuilt 1986 Jeep Wagoneer Limited XJ

-Rebuild Engine / Transmission Mileage: 12,000

-Original Engine / Transmission Mileage: 132,000 Original


-Power Doors, Windows, Seats

-Trailer Hitch

-Good Condition Leather Seats

-No Rust

-New Paint

-Exterior Color: White

-Interior Color: Tan

-Drive Type: 4WD

-Transmission: Automatic

-Body Style: XJ / SUV

-Engine: 6 Cyl 2.5

-VIN: 1JCWC7569GT140238

New / Rebuilt Engine, Transmission, Carburetor, Radiator, Distributor, Alternator, Exhaust, Muffler, Suspension, AC Conversion, Exterior Paint, Rust Removal, Brakes, Tires

See a better way to drive an XJ?

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  1. that splash photo really looks like a front shot of same era dodge caravan. family resemblance?


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