Saturday, November 16, 2019

Multi-Tasker: 1990ish Dodge 1500 Ram Pickup Forklift

What is red, white, and can pull its own motor? Yeah. a Dodge pickup with a forklift hanging out the back.  The fork lift pickup might seem like an odd vehicle, but I've seen many running around the street hauling dumpsters from behind apartment complexes to the street for the big trash machine to do the dumping. Personally, I'd like to have one to drive around and use for various tasks around the yard/garage/house (wash the windows on the 2nd floor?), but you'll need to get a title because this one isn't street legal according to the seller. Find this 1990ish Dodge 1500 Ram Pickup Forklift offered for $1,500 in Lake City via facebash marketplace.

 From the seller:
4x4 dodge fork lift. Runs and drives great . 4x4 works used for stripping cars tripple boom lift . will lift ab 2k lbs. No title bring a trailer its not street legal $1500 firm no trades. Lake city

1 comment:

  1. "and can pull its own motor? "
    Not even a Ron Jeremy joke?
    Where is everyone, off on a showshoe tour of Nashville?


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