Friday, November 1, 2019

Mopar Rules: 1975 Plymouth Scamp

Remember the other day when I wrote that the V8 and 4-speed was overrated?  Yeah...I may have been a bit tipsy from the Manhattan that Kaibeezy taught me to make the other day..and the reports of the death of the V8 and manual box have been greatly exaggerated.  Find this 1975 Plymouth Scamp offered for $10.900 in Strasburg, ND via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:

1975 plymouth scamp
condition: excellent
cylinders: 8 cylinders

fuel: gas
title status: clean
transmission: manual
1975 Plymouth Scamp 383 Magnum

Built 383 Magnum / Headers

4 Speed

Comp Clutch / Pressure Plate

Dual Exhaust

Posi Rear End

New Shocks, Brakes, Front end, Front and Rear Dual Sway Bars

4,000 Miles on Drive Train

Interior Is All Original and Excellent Condition

Paint is 6 Months Old / Base Coat Clear Coat

Asking $10,900 OBO / Trades Welcome 

 See a better way to drive something with a V8 and 4-speed?


  1. Nice build for the money 383 pretty heavy on the nose but would be fun to floor the loud pedal and grab a few gears. Mopar or no car.....!

  2. Grandma car.... if your grandma is Don Garlits.

  3. 383, interesting. you can tell a GM guy put this together, as the engine compartment has been spray-bombed black. Any real Mopar guy would keep the engine bay the proper color and do it right. All of the accessories and the wiring harness are spray-bombed in place. If this is any indication of how the car was built, I'd walk away from it. Wonder what rear axle is under it? Nice overall presentation, regardless.

    1. Oh, and a true Mopar guy NEVER refers to the Chrysler limited-slip rear as a "posi". Mopars have a Sure-Grip. GM has Posi-Traction.


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