Friday, November 29, 2019

Bracq Friday: 1979 BMW 320i E21

This next car is a celebration of Bracq Friday -- a festival of the best stuff from French born automotive legend Paul Bracq.  I know the days of getting a running/driving car for $500 are long behind us...and $500 will barely get you the parts to do your own brake job on a late model car...but I still hold hope for the occasional used pile of junk car that is cheap not because it is rusted out, but because only a few crazy people (myself included) would want it...and I think I found a good one today...although you will need to source a few key parts before getting it back on the road. Find this 1979 BMW 320i E21 offered for $500 in Richmond, CA via craigslist.

 From the seller:

1979 BMW 320i
fuel: gas
title status: clean
transmission: manual
Selling a 1979 BMW 320is. This car has been sitting in a warehouse however will still start with a good battery. It was equipped with the sport package(LSD, sport steering wheel, Recaro seats etc). The seats and LSD are gone(went to a 2002/2002tii). Complete running car when the parts were removed.

Asking 500 dollars. I have a clean California title.

See a better Bracq Friday project for your weekends?


  1. Looks like it has a sunroof! We're good to go much are seats and a limited slip? And..............registered in Cali in the last couple of years.....hmmmmmmmmm. On the other hand for some reason someone wants it gone. I dont know........

  2. I bought a 81 320is in similar shape for $500 last year, Seats gone, but had the 5 speed tranny and LSD. Grabbed those for my son's 2002, along with all the other parts needed to convert. Sold the car and motor for $300 after. Pretty sure someone will do something similar with this one. Best way to get a conversion. Recaros are about $500 in repairable shape.


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