Saturday, October 19, 2019

Six Wheel Ranchero'd: 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III

At the risk of sounding like an old codger...I'm going to say that "back in my day" if you wanted to modify your pickup truck, it usually involved some knobby tires and removing a few letters from the tailgate to spell "yota." But this...this is a whole 'nother level of customization and will probably end up in the Swiss Museum of Art Brut someday. Find this 1971 Lincoln Continental MkIII offered for $8000 in Chewelah, WA via thefacepalm marketplace.  Tip from Matt C, who probably preferred to remain anonymous, but I hear that outing whistle-blowers is in style this week.

From the seller:

1971 Lincoln Continental Mark 3
Chewelah, WA · over a week ago · 
About This Vehicle
Driven 43,943 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: White · Interior color: Blue
Seller's Description

*Price Reduced* Please call and ask for Jack for more details on this one of a kind car. 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark 3 Custom. Good running 460 with automatic transmission, the car has needs a new set of tires and somebody to give it the love it deserves. Turns lots of heads! Please call between 9 and 5pm, price is best offer.

See a better way to drive something insane?


  1. Some time it make me break out in a Cold Sweat .. I see a mobile hot tub in the back - 'rub a dub in da hot tub' -

  2. Perfect truck to transport your custom bagger twin with the giant front wheel.

  3. I wanted to hate this, for cutting up a sort-of-classic Mark III, but then I saw that he preserved the continental-kit bump on the tailgate. Whatever floats your 1970s boat, I guess.....


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