Saturday, October 5, 2019

Rotary In The Sidecar: 2001 BMW Motorcycle with Sidecar

Motorcycles aren't exactly the safest mode of transportation...even small contact can have huge consequences (which is why people in 4 wheel vehicles should always give them plenty of room), but at least the motorcycle is small and maneuverable.  However, if you add a sidecar to a motorcycle, you still have the same crash exposure, but now lack maneuverability and agility of a normal bike, so its probably more dangerous...BUT...if you feel the thrill of danger beckoning you like a winged siren, you might want to consider upgrading to a turbo rotary powered motorcycle where the engine is in the back of the sidecar.  Find this 2001 BMW Motorcycle with Sidecar offered for $14,900 in Half Moon Bay, CA via craigslist. Tip from Kevin who found it on Bike-urious.

From the seller:

2002 bmw r1200rt
VIN: WB1051406F0052160
condition: excellent
engine displacement (CC): 1200
fuel: gas
odometer: 24000
paint color: yellow
title status: clean
transmission: automatic

Rotohak - Custom BMW sidecar rig with 300 HP twin turbo Mazda RX7 engine in trunk of sidecar.
Looks like a 2002 BMW 1200RT with a California sidecar but the BMW motor is a fake - just valve covers on the side of the faring which hides a 15 gallon fuel cell.
The engine drives both rear wheels through a VW automatic transaxle, directly to the sidecar wheel and through a cog belt to the motorcycle wheel. Shifting is done with a twist grip on the left handle bar like a Vespa.

Mike corbin did the seat and sidecar upholstery.
Not for the faint of heart. This rig is very fast and a handful on hard acceleration. Under normal driving conditions it's a pussy cat and can cruise at any speed with one hand on the bars.
Featured in numerous motorcycle magazines both nationally and in Europe. 

 See a better way to drive an oddball?


  1. no confusion necessary.deathwish in custom upholstery. love it.

  2. That front suspension is certainly unusual, but I can’t figure out that steering at all.

  3. I think it is nicely fabricated, but then I am not really sure what I am looking at. Wow!


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