Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Estimated Time to Awesome: 1987 BMW 528e

This next car comes from tipper Jake who writes: You absolutely can’t go wrong here.  Amen, brother...Amen. This is not the preferred 535i "injection" version and is instead the 528e version...e is short for ETA, and is not, contrary to popular belief, named after the Basque separatist group, but is instead named ETA for the Greek letter η....which in enginerd parlance is used for efficiency. The 528e engine was tuned for fuel economy over power, and should be acceptable when paired to the 5-speed manual gearbox.  Find this 1987 BMW 528e offered for $4,500 in Smithfield, VA via craigslist.

From the seller:

1987 BMW
VIN: WBADK7302H9652977
condition: excellent
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 212000
paint color: black
size: full-size
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: sedan
For sale is my 1987 BMW 528e. I am the 5th owner of the car and have had it since May of 2019. I have used it as a daily driver since then and put more than 6k miles on it with no major problems whatsoever. The second owner was interviewed about maintenance by the original owner before they were allowed to purchase it.

This car has a current VA safety inspection and regular plates.

The car is super fun to drive and row through the gears on. It's a driving experience you just can't get with modern vehicles. The transmission shifts smoothly and effortlessly and the clutch feels great. The engine starts right up in any weather and makes great low-end torque. The upgraded differential helps put the the power down. AC and heat both work well.

The original paint is in excellent shape for the age and mileage. There are no faded spots or areas rubbed through. It presents really well. There are some minor chips and dings, but much less than you would expect.

Interior is very comfortable and with E34 power seats and near mint E28 rear seats. The radio has blue tooth connection for calls and audio. There is a self-powered 10" Kenwood sub woofer mounted in the trunk. Audio system sounds great. All power windows and roof work. The warning system and on-board computer both work as well. Headliner is in beautiful with no sags or tears.

I have a huge folder full of receipts dating back to the original owner for maintenance and repair. There is no evidence of a crash or body damage in this vehicle's history.

All the recorded maintenance of the car since last 2 owners:

177k 2013
Cleaned and flow tested injectors
New Bosch high pressure fuel pump
New fuel filter
New lift pump in tank
Contitech timing belt kit
GMB water pump
adjust valves
valve cover gasket
cleaned and flow tested fuel injectors, new o-rings
new fan clutch
checked cap and rotor - relatively new
new radiator hoses
new thermostat at 185k
swapped in low mile heater blower from donor car, re-oiled bearings w/ turbine oil
replace front pads and rotors, bleed/flush entire brake system, clutch
E38 BBS wheels 16” x 8” wide
checked control arms - upper are new lemforder brand
replace lower control arms with FEBI/Bilstein brand
replace transmission fluid with dex/merc red (recommended fill)
replace driveshaft with rebuilt unit from Wholesale Import Parts
replace guibo and center support bearing w/ FEBI/Bilstein
replace transmission mounts
rebuild shifter linkage
install new shift selector seal in transmission
swap 2.93 open differential with S3.25 limited slip from 535is (diff had approx 140k miles at install)
install racingpros performance ecu chip for M20B27
K&N filter
new catback/muffler - Eberspaecher brand with new gasket and stainless hardware
stainless exhaust tip
new trunk seal - URO parts
re-seal tail light gaskets
Clutch pedal bracket brace
tint windows
repair power antenna - install bypass switch to lower while radio is on
Re-upholster door cards and deck lid with orange houndstooth
E34 black leather power front seats
E28 black leather rear seats
dye headliner black
replace clutch master with Febi/Bilstein unit
replace passenger rear wheel bearing (wasn’t bad, mis-diagnosed axle noise)
replace passenger cv axle
steering box adjusted @192k
all steering linkage replaced @192k - Febi/Bilstein tie rods/center link, Lemforder idler arm
set front alignment with slight toe-in, tracks straight w/ no steering play @192k
196k - 4 new 225/50/16 BF Goodrich Gforce Comp2 tires mounted and balanced on E38 wheels
New clutch pedal over-center (helper) spring
Alignment set by TNT in Sandston, VA
205k Aug. 2017:
New antenna mast
New front rotors/pads
Install rebuilt front brake calipers
Flush/bleed front brake fluid
Flush/bleed clutch fluid
New starter motor
New OEM turn signal switch on steering column
Install lower mileage E24 axles (disassembled, cleaned, and CRC CV joint grease applied)
New distributor cap and rotor
New Platinum AGM battery
Odometer is correct and I replaced the gear when I bought it
206k May 2019
I become the new owner, have owned it since.
210k Aug 2019
Oil change 20W-50 Bosch ST3421 oil filter
211k Aug 2019
Left front brake rotor replaced.

I also have a few boxes of spare parts that I will include with the sale if the new owner wants them as well as a Thule rack and 4 original wheels.
Purchased them a couple weeks ago.

This car is a driver, not an immaculate show car. This car is 32 years old. It has been amazingly reliable and trouble free and I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. That said there are some minor blemishes and issues that I want to be absolutely clear it's not a car recovered from a time capsule:
-There is a split in the driver's seat. Easy fix - not a big deal for an upholstery shop.
-There is a rust spot on the front cowl. This is a common aesthetic blemish on these cars and will not leak into the interior. That cowl covers the wiper linkage.
-The power antenna unit in the trunk no longer works. Replacements are easy to find
-Minor rust on driver side front jacking point. I jack the car up on the frame rail forward of where the rust spot is.

I do not want to sell this car, I have greatly enjoyed owning it, but the time has come to downsize my fleet. I hope whoever ends up with it next with drive it and enjoy it thoroughly. My original goal was to take this car to 300k miles and I'm sure it will make it there and whoever gets it there will have a great time

I reserve the right to remove the listing if the car is sold. It is listed for sale on other sites.

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