Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A Full 460 Woody: 1976 Ford LTD Country Squire

There are few things more liberating memorable than taking a full sized American station wagon on a cross country road trip.  Your suit cases are piled on the top, your kids are piled in the back, and a stack of maps is piled in the glovebox.  My parents had one of these when I was a kid and I can remember the miles just flying by...actually the rear was so rusty that we could actually see the miles zipping by underfoot...so its probably a miracle that we never died of carbon monoxide poisoning, thank a busted AC for windows always rolled down.  Ahhh...good times.  Make your own good times with this 1976 Ford Country Squire offered for $5,500 in Deposit, NY via hemmings. Tip from BP.

From the seller:

Location: Deposit, New York, 11432
VIN #: 6J76A164xxxx
Mileage: 129,106
Transmission: Auto

Condition: Good
Exterior: Blue
Interior: Dark Blue

Seller’s Description:

Up for sale is a 1976 Ford LTD Country Squire "woody" Wagon. The car is powered by a 460, 7.5 Liter V8. Has a rebuilt C6 transmission with only a few thousand miles on it. The car has factory disc brakes front and rear. It has been in our family for almost 17 years. Originally from California. We have kept it indoors in a humidity controlled environment. The car is a real original survivor and is amazingly complete including the interior. Certainly not perfect, but in great condition for an older and rare vehicle. It has always attracted a lot of attention wherever it went. It seems to always be the only one of its kind at any car show or meet we've taken it to. A real head-turner on the highway too. The pictures speak for themselves.

The transmission was rebuilt with all heavy duty parts including 4 pinion carriers, HD frictions, sprag etc from Broader Performance. The tires have plenty of tread and do not have many miles on them. The car has a recently installed OEM rebuilt carburetor, new distributor, spark plugs were cleaned. The drive shaft was replaced after we got it. The alignment was done. We have records. There is a heavy duty hitch on the back and a factory trailer harness (although we've never towed anything with it). The original spare tire, jack, etc are all there. The rear 9" axle has good highway gearing- the car cruises at 65 comfortably. Serious buyers only; no tire kickers please.

Price: $5,500 negotiable 

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  1. Ed Butts the salesman.......LMFO !

  2. I remember that it was fairly straightforward to dress these up as a Lincoln Mark iv or Continental Town Car, which was sort of fun to see.

  3. This thing may get 10 MPG downhill with a tailwind. Would be a good candidate for an electric conversion.


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