Thursday, October 17, 2019

1972ish Batmobile Built On A Ford Granada Chassis

The original Batmobile was futuristic looking two-seater built on the Lincoln Futura platform, which was cool, but difficult to replicate because the Futura was a concept car built by Carrozzeria Ghia in Turin, Italy.  Today's Batmobile is built on what appears to be the first generation Ford Granada chassis, and features a nose that would make Barbara Streisand jealous. Find this 1972ish Batmobile Built On A Ford Granada Chassis offered for $2800 in Grants Pass, WA via craigslist. Tip from Matt C.

From the seller:

make / manufacturer: ford

1971 351 c boss heads closed chamber / 350 hp / air gap intake / 600 holley carb / runs amazing 3000 to 6000 SCREAMS IN lbcar / whole car 5800 or 2800 engine and a fmx trans complete/ DRIVE IT anywhere/ engine has 50 k and heads 1000 miles on them / heads done by PECKHAM MACHINE IN GRANTS PASS ore/new dual exhaust /new tires / bucket seats factory /newer paint/ almost forgot new les scwabb wheels and tires 2 mo s ago

See a better way to drive something batmobilish?


  1. Late '70s Thunderbird or Cougar. Not a '72.

  2. The ad reads that he wants $5,800.00 For the car or $2,800.00 just for the engine. Hopefully everyone agrees that this is a total waste of time.

  3. You guys really do need to make it so we can upload MEME's here. As what I have to say can't really be put into words.

    1. X2. DRIVE IT anywhere? They haven't invented a window tint dark enough so that I would climb into it. :D

  4. C'mon, you can make this look SO much more like a Batmobile.

    1. Hack saw off the entire roof (including B & C pillars and opera windows). Keep the windshield.

    2. Install 2 plastic fishbowls upside down over driver's and passenger's seats.

    3. Spray paint Home Depot bucket silver, install red strip reflectors, mount upside down behind front seats.

    4. Buy some PVC pipe, use the rest of that silver spray paint, and mount them at an angle coming out of the trunk.

    5. Buy a mannequin, dress in a cheap batman halloween costume, and position in driver's seat.

    6. Coat entire car in gasoline, especially interior.

    7. Push off a cliff as you toss fireworks into rear seat, shooting video with drones, driver's view, and side view from cliff.

    8. Post video online with lots of affiliate links to Batman stuff.

    9. Retire.

    -Stan (yeah... *that* Stan...)

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