Friday, September 6, 2019

With Motocompo: 1981 Honda City R

We've featured the cool as ice liquid nitrogen Honda City before, and it was even the sweet Turbo II version.  That was back in 2012 and times have changed...mostly cool cars have appreciated in value, so back then $15k would get you the Turbo II but now the same amount of cash gets you the basic City R...but it does come with a matching Motocompo scooter that would have come from the factory in the rear hatch area.  Now if Tesla or one of those hipster electric car startups (Faraday or Gazoo...wait...Ganoo...errr..the company that Evolocity turned into is called...err Canoo..probably) took noticed and packaged an electric scooter in their electric city car..I still wouldn't buy a new car because they are stinkin expensive, but i'd consider them when they were 10 years old and depreciated.  Anyway..I feel like I've lost the thread of this...YES...find this 1981 Honda City R with Motocompo for $15000 in West Hollywood, CA via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:
1981 HONDA City R
fuel: gas
title status: clean
transmission: manual
1981 Honda City R shows 27,xxx kilometers (Based on condition I believe this is accurate) and comes complete with the color-matched folding 49cc Motocompo scooter.

Zero rust that I can see after extensive search. The vehicle was imported from Japan legally and is currently registered with a clean South Dakota title.

This is a completely stock City R with the Japanese spec radio and optional alloy wheels. A/C works well and cools the in-dash refrigerator.

Minor dings, scratches and any other noticeable damage documented in photos but please feel free to come by and see / drive in person.

See a better looking set of wheels?


  1. All of the DT readers should endlessly spam the shit out of this guy.

    1. I was gonna delete that guy's spam link above...but deleted, it makes all of the conversation below seem like everyone who comments on DT is on drugs. Not that they aren't. OR that there's anything wrong with that.

      BUt I hate spam.

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  4. I'm lost lol..........the motorcycle is probably best suited for a double amputee

  5. I’d comment about how cool that little combo was and that if it was more my money ($3k or so) I’d be taking a trip to LA... but that might also make it seem like I needed drugs!

  6. So with a refrigerator and a motorcycle “dingy” is the the worlds smallest RV ?

    Don’t want to think about the gray water system in this - maybe an antifreeze jug?


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