Tuesday, September 17, 2019

That 70s Website: 1971 Ford LTD

There was a time when I considered focusing Daily Turismo on vehicles from the 70s...but then I sobered up and remembered that vehicles suffered from weight bloat, low compression engines, small finiky carbs / emissions systems, rubber bumpers and shoddy build quality...at least compared to cars from the 60s and 80s.  However, the early 70s cars aren't as bad as the later 70s cars and the survivors have become better and offer some of the better "deals" on the classic car marketplace...so maybe I should focus on the 70s.  Anyway, find this 1971 Ford LTD here on eBay offered for $9,850 buy-it-now in Lowell, MI.

From the seller:

Very clean original LTD...No rust body. Floors and trunk solid no repairs or rust. No Michigan winters!!! Underneath the car is super clean and solid! Original paint. Clean interior. Never smoked in. Good running 400 2 barrel with C6 transmission, 9" rear end. All tuned up, including new factory carburetor. New tires. New Brakes and components. Factory air (cold) and am /fm. All stock never modified. Trim is in great condition. Lot's of extra's just put on 16" Torque Thrust wheels new for this summer. New carpet still in box, original carpet is real clean just faded around original floor matts. I have a set of NOS (new old stock) front grilles that go with the car. Cars in this condition are hard to find. You can get a rusty one for less but why!

 The car is sold as is and where is. Buyer responsible for any and all shipping costs. If shipping necessary, I am flexible to be available for shipper. Please note the LTD is listed local on the Grand Rapids, Mi craigslist, so I reserve the right to end auction at any time. I have a rebuilt 429 Police Interceptor listed in that ad, check it out. Thanks for looking and have a good day and remember no low ballers, if you want something nice you need to pay for it!

Mustang, Galaxie, Boss 429, Torino, LTD, Mercury, Cougar, SCJ, CJ, Rare, Barn find, Mach 1, Fastback, Ford, Shelby
Item specifics

Condition: Used Year: 1971
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 1W62S241XXX Mileage: 95000
Make: Ford Model:
Vehicle Title: Clean

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  1. Even though it's the more handsome 2-dr coupe, I can't look at this model and color combo without thinking of Gator McKluskey's darker brown 4 door.

  2. I have thought these were fantastic looking since I was a kid! This particular auction has already ended, sadly. This one looks to be a real cream puff!


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