Thursday, September 19, 2019

Surprising Survivor: 1987 Nissan Van

This next car falls into the category of one of the cars that was built in large quantities, but is mostly forgotten...but in the case of the Vanette..the story is much more interesting.  The Nissan Vanette was exported to the US market from 1987 to 1990 badged simply the Van as a competitor to the Toyota Van and Mitsubishi Van. The only problem was that Nissan didn't spend much time on engineering and the 2.4 liter Z24i engine inline-4 that was shoved into the C22 for US market didn't quite fit. Cooling issues and engine fires led to a massive recall that had Nissan offering to buy back every single C22 Van sold in the US market and all repurchased vehicles were crushed to avoid future legal issues. Somehow this next vehicle avoid the steel grip of the crusher and now lives with the weirdos in Santa Cruz.  Find this 1987 Nissan Van offered for $4,500 in Santa Cruz, CA via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:

1987 nissan van
VIN: JN8SC26S7H4017651
condition: good
cylinders: 4 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 127000
paint color: blue
title status: salvage
transmission: automatic
type: van
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This is a rare jewel of a find!
Very clean & reliable
The recall has been fixed by a Nissan dealer, stamp in pictures
Ice box for drinks or make it warm for coffee or a meal
Huge sun roof
Moon roof over front driver & passenger seats
After market rims & tires
Pioneer amp & cd deck
Studio on wheels
127k miles
These Nissan's go over 300k miles
Cruise control
Power everything
Fully loaded
Will take a tow hitch like the Toyota vans do
Don't think you'll find another one this clean & dependable
New spark plugs & wires
After market headlights
Salvaged title only bcuz it was registered with the DMV for a break in
Registered til February 2020

Best cash offer
Possible trade for small rv or bigger van

See a better way to drive a van that should have been crushed?


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