Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Strange Brew: 1972 Dutton Phaeton

I really want to like this next car because it is a rare and cool looking etc etc...but I just can't shake my first impression...which was that it looked like something that Herman Munster built after binge watching the entire 4 seasons of the original Transformers cartoon while exceptionally high on barbiturates. It cool...but I'm not sure what the neighbors will think. Find this 1972 Dutton Phaeton offered for $3,500 in Tampa, FL via facebook marketplace. Tip from David S.

From the seller:
1972 Dutton Phaeton
Holiday, FL · 7 hours ago · 
About This Vehicle
Driven 20,000 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Blue · Interior color: Grey
Fuel type: Gasoline
Seller's Description
1972 Dutton Phaeton for sale in Holiday on Facebook Marketplace

1972 Dutton phaeton, kit car right hand drive Sunbeam Alpine engine 4cyl, manual, convertible Good paint and interior It has been garage kept This is a complete running car It's in very nice shape for the age Extremely rare $3500

See a better way to drive something strange?


  1. kinda looks like a triumph stag had a drunken night with a jeep..and whats with those headlights? is it the lighting or are the aimed a bit towards the shoulders?

    1. My name is Larry I live in Palm Harbor I bought that phaeton and restored it perfectly

    2. The car drives beautifully. I restored the interieur ,excellent driving car. Someone did an excellent job building this car titled as a 1972 detton Phantom

  2. I'm so glad the posting is archived here as it's now history on Faceballs Marketplace. What fevered imagination thought that front end was aesthetic? It looks like a Maxton Rollerskate that lost a brutal bar fight.

    1. I find it most curious that this abortion disappeared quicker than any DT posting in memory...

    2. I hope it will disappear I'm the crazy guy who wants to buy it. Very rare really cool car

    3. It looks like an effort to improve the styling of a Lotus Seven Series Four. I'm not sure if they succeeded or not.

    4. I purchased this Peyton and restored it in my garage. Really cool old car

    5. I purchased the 72 that dutton phaeton, and restored it completely. cool driving and looking car.

  3. Lifelock had already taken down the ad when I looked, but it looks like a bugeye sprite and fiberfab seven got their chromsomes rearranged by a british particle accelerator fueled by cutty sark & resin fumes -

  4. "She a witch of trouble in electric blue in her own bad mind she's in luv with you" - Strange Brew by Cream before Eric Clapton got of Austin Powers as a clothes consultant.

  5. Amazingly low price. Quick sale be soon to be ex girlfriend or what?


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