Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Only One On Your Block: 1999 Isuzu VehiCROSS Ironman Triathlon Edition

The 1999 Isuzu VehiCROSS was an intense vehicle when it was released, just look at the name -- CROSS was in ALL CAPS FROM ISUZU.  And then there is this special edition that is known as the Ironman Triathlon version, which added remote reservoir shocks, unique badges, a black hood, upgraded tunes, and a sweet two tone red and black interior.  Why don't automakers do something like this today...imagine if Jeep introduced a CrossFIT version of the Wrangler...that'd sell like hotcakes. Find this 1999 Isuzu VehiCROSS Ironman offered for $8,500 in Payson, AZ via craigslist.

From the seller:

1999 Isuzu Vehicross 
condition: like new 
cylinders: 6 cylinders 
drive: 4wd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 113000 
paint color: white 
size: mid-size 
title status: clean 
transmission: automatic 
type: SUV 
For Sale:
3 Owner 1999 Isuzu Vehicross Ironman Edition 4X4 SUV
3.5 V6, 4 Speed Automatic Overdrive
112,800 Miles
Clean CARFAX and Clean Title in hand.

Designed by Isuzu for the 1997 Auto Show this concept vehicle so captured the public that Isuzu decided to manufacture the SUV for 3 years here in the American market. These Vehicrosses were only made from 1999 until 2001 here for sale in the states. A total of less than 5,000 were sold here.

This is one tough little SUV with a drive train and inder carriage to rival some newer off road vehicles.
If you dont' know much about these Vehicrosses, Google a search or watch You Tube videos of what kind of
off road punishment these vehicles can handle.

Now this particular VX (as they are called) has not seen any of the hard off road rock climbing use. This 3 owner has spent a comfy life mostly in California and now in Arizona. So you can expect it to be nearly rust free. The only rust spot is on the roof where a roof rail is attached. It's surface rust.

Otherwise you will find a well maintained VX, with low miles for a 20 year vehicle and lots of life left in it.
It comes with all the creature comforts of power steering, power DISC brakes, AIR CONDITIONING (COLD)
cruise, tilt wheel, electric windows, electric mirrors, delay wipers, Multi CD player, AM/FM and Cassette Player
as well as other amenities.

These rare and becoming even rarer classics are hard to find in this condition. Premium ones can run as high as $14,000. You can pay as much as this one is priced for one that is worn out and needing some TLC.

This one is ready to go as is. Extra keys and keyfob and clean title and turn the key and go off roading.

Look at the photos closely and you will find nice supple leather RECARO seats with no rips or tears.
Look at the body, no body damage. All the lower body cladding is nice and smooth. The windshield is clear
and bright. The headlights are clear and treated with UV protectant. 

With deep treaded Michelin tires on 16 inch polished wheels to last for miles. Four Wheel Disc brakes.
A fresh oil and filter change, a power steering flush, throttle body and mass flow air sensor cleaned, K&N filter just washed and cleaned and retreated. Maintenance is a key to getting the worth of a vehicle and this has had it.

The VX seats 4, with a bench seat in the back. I currently have it removed to haul my dog and cooler for when
we go on forest roads here in the Tonto National Forest. 

The best part is: EVERYTHING WORKS! Buy it, drive it, enjoy it and not have to fix things before doing so.

My wife and I want to add a 4 season room onto our cabin and we need the funds to enclose the patio as the 
beginning stages. So we are retired seniors and this vehicle screams youth.......the grandchildren li the Jurassic World stickers which can be removed. 

Either cash or wire transfer to my account at Chase Bank. VX and title do not leave until funds clear.
Test drives will not be off roading. 

 See a better way to VehiCROSS?


  1. Being thin people are always asking me if I am a runner - I am not. Having this thing covered with Ironman logos would pretty much force me to become a runner.

    Cool Isuzu!

  2. These have a very small but cult-like following. His price is about $800 to $1000 to high. Two went to auction on BaT recently., one &7500, one %7350.One was the Iron Man edition, both with less miles.

  3. I've always wanted one of these. I've never even had the opportunity to drive one. Seems like having a 3.5 would make them rather lively.

  4. I've got one with 200k miles (replacement engine) and she's really fun to drive. 215hp is enough to motivate it; handles quite well. Nobody knows what it is, and it always attracts a few people at C&C.

  5. I’m with Don here. I’d feel like the phoniest of poseurs if I drove this and WAS NOT actually training for an Ironman.

  6. Somewhere I read that Isuzu planned only a short/limited run of the VehiCROSS as they knew that the body panel stamp dies were going to wear out because they were ceramic. Why they went with ceramic I don't know. Heat related? Someone really into pottery?

    I always wondered if the earliest stampings were to the same spec and tolerance as a late stamping if the die was wearing out. Makes you wonder about fit and finish on a late-production Vehicross.

    Regardless, these things are rad and mechanically similar to the Trooper so parts are probably not impossible to source.

    Even as someone who couldn't finish 1/10th of an Ironman Triathalon, I'd drive this. Who cares? How many people really know about Ironman? Just tell them it's the Marvel superhero or you're just a big Black Sabbath fan. Would you not drive a Bullitt Mustang because you're not actually Frank Bullitt (aka Steve McQueen)?


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