Monday, September 16, 2019

Model A Frame, Big Block Power: 1972 Honda N600 Hot Rod

What is the last thing you would expect from the classic little Honda S600?  Acceleration?  Burnouts? Extended wheel base?  Yeah.  Any single one of those things would get you surprised, but this next car combines all of those attributes into one insane Honda subcompact sitting on a Ford Model A frame with big block V8 power. Find this 1972 Honda N600 Hot Rod offered for $8500 in Weaverville, NC via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

1972 honda n600
condition: good
cylinders: other
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
paint color: yellow
size: compact
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: sedan
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1972 Honda N600 with mostly stock interior

Very easy to get in and don't crawl in and out of this one.

All gauges, lights, including speedo work

Model A headlights with H-4 halogen bulbs

GM 1 wire alternator

Competition GM Yellow single stage paint it's not perfect but shines

Mounted on a 1929 Model A Ford Frame

1941 Ford front axle suicide spring behind dropped 8 inches

1995 Lincoln Town car Air Spring 8.8 rear 3.55 posi gear triangulated off the rear of the frame

I call it more of a Hot Rod than a Rat Rod

BBF 460 60 over blueprinted with a C-6 transmission stock stall and runs on pump gas 90 or 93 octane

Trans-Dapt mounts and cross members

Comp Cam, Holley 750 vac secondary's, Bug Catcher, Hand Made Header's with boat baffles

Aluminum Radiator keeps it cool... 160 degree thermostat runs 170 degrees all day even in this heat

Hurst Shifter solid mount no cable

1953 Ford F-1 steering box

Quick release steering wheel

4 wheel disk brakes...E-Brake works too

New tires on Chrome Steelies

13 Gallon fuel cell filled with foam and fuel sender,

Cars rides extremely soft or stiff if you want.... it's easy to drive and handles like a Go-Cart. I've had it on a couple of 120 mile trips with no troubles.

And drive to town on numerous short runs. It's very dependable. I've done this kinda work for 40 plus years.

Have to many vehicles I love to drive this one but need to let this one go. Around 5000 miles on the build

The price isn't even close to what it cost to build.

Kids love it and gets attention driving down the road and wherever it's parked.

Price is Firm $ 8500

You Tube of the build 

See a better way to drive a Honda S600?


  1. Oh, fark, I want this!!! I've been wanting a bright yellow car that will blend in, versus my outrageous tan Camry! A 460, eh? I'll bet it's a scream to drive around in.

  2. This and some Jimmie Johnson Midnight Moon will get you all the hillbilly blondes you can handle.

  3. Took a corner, side swiped a truck
    Crossed my fingers just for luck
    My fenders was clicking the guard rail post
    The guy beside me was white as a ghost ..

  4. Weaverville, North Carolina, I have to make a note of that place. Obviously they are smoking some good shit there!!!

  5. When I was a kid people were making cars like this using 30 year old fiat topolino bodies and a Honda 600 was the exact opposite. Now the Hondas are 47 years old and someone made this thing that’s pretty much the same idea.

    Less complicated than a bike engine swap I suppose, and good if you like the attention.

  6. Oh that video is a real hoot and a half.

  7. why use a 600 honda? for the commodious interior? i remember sitting in one on the dealer lot when I was in middle school. fit me before my growth spurt. guessin a lot of full size adults would not find this a comfortable cabin, even with a large tub of Irony lubricant. are there a bunch of jockeys in the market for "compensator" rods?

    1. Look up fuel altered dragsters. The idea is to have the smallest possible "stock" body with the the biggest engine, and the hood and fenders are optional and usually absent. I think wheelbase is free and engine setback can be 25%. So starting with the smallest possible car was almost mandatory. I think almost every existing Austin/American Bantam ended up as a dragster.

      Anyway, this is in the tradition of hotrods that look like race cars, and I bet it's way more comfortable than a model T body on a long trip when it rains.

    2. I guess my read of the "mostly stock interior" is the issue. if orig the seat mounts position the current seats, there would nt be room for (now) 6'1" me vs my memory of 5'1" middle school me

  8. How the heck does any state or province register that thing with all four tires exposed?

  9. Just an FYI, rock-on transferred the Honda model from the N600 to the S600 which are completely different cars. Please check your facts

    1. Roger that Mr Unknown -- this is a N600, not the S600 as I previously wrote. Just a Manhattan fueled night of writing with Mercedes S600s on the brain! Thanks for the catch.


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