Friday, September 13, 2019

Custom Flat-12: 1971 STP Porsche 917/10 Can Am Car Replica

Have you ever wanted to build a flat-12 engine by bolting two standard production flat-6s together into one Frankenstein's monster-12? too! Been on my bucket list for a while, right behind building a street legal Tyrell P34 six wheeler replica...but someone actually got his two subaru EZ30 flat-6s and bolted them together to make one giant flat-6 contraption. Naturally, something called "physics" got in the way and terrible vibration caused the home-brewed contraption to vibrate like a neutron star going supernova, but the seller assures us that a simple rubber guibo isolator will fix the problem...just up to you to find and install one.  Anyway, find this 1971 STP Porsche 917/10 Can Am Car Replica here on eBay bidding for $7099 reserve-not-met with 4 days to go, located in East Hartford, CT.

From the seller:
Up for auction is my 1971 STP Porsche 917/10 Can Am Car Replica.  The only 917 replica in the world with a 12 cylinder boxer engine that was made from two Porsche designed Subaru EZ30 engines.  This is the video of the car running on 12 cylinders.  You can see all my videos on YouTube at JB91710.  Click on Videos at the top of the page.

When  I started the engine I found that the connector that I had a machine shop make was out of balance and made the engines vibrate so I removed it.  Installing a rubber drive line "Donut" will correct that.  The car is running on the rear engine at the present time.  The car has C6 Corvette suspension with QA1 coilovers, an ATL fuel cell, Aeromotive fuel system, Tilton pedals, VDO gauges for both engines,  a Porsche 911 steering system with a vintage Momo Prototipo steering wheel and a Megasquirt MS3 Pro EVO computer.

The engines have the original intake system.  Jenzy from the UK has aluminum manifolds and throttle bodies that will give the engine 12 throttle bodies and a 917 look.  I have a replica of the 917 engine cover with an electric fan installed.  You can see that here.

The car has been designed, fabricated and assembled at this point and is fully drivable but requires thorough testing just like the original 917 needed.  The car can be seen in central Connecticut at any time.  Here is my first parking lot drive before the computer was tuned.

The car at the Lime Rock Fall Vintage Festival over the Labor Day weekend. Go to 5:24

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Did I mention that this is the ONLY Porsche designed 12 cylinder boxer engine 917 replica in the world and the only Porsche Can Am replica?


  1. “The car has been designed, fabricated and assembled at this point and is fully drivable but requires thorough testing just like the original 917 needed.”

    Of course, that’s the only thing holding this creation back from garage-build-iniquity: the financial and intellectual capacity of a dedicated factory skunkworks whose members are perpetually petrified by their brilliant but sadistic boss into creating a genuine icon of racing history.

    Sounds easy.

    1. My old man is a television repairman, he's got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.

  2. Surprisingly devoid of pertinent detail required for cogent purchasing decision.

  3. well it goes in circles to the right.........

  4. I’ve been aware of this project for some time and it’s really impressive. The frame looks like it’s a pretty exact replica of the original, right down to the pretend roll bar on the originals. I can’t imagine why he picked the ugliest 917/10 of all to replicate though.

  5. Actually after reading about this guy’s troubles with the engine if he were to configure it the way the original 912 engine was configured , and by the way that’s the actual model number of the 917 engine, he might be able to cere the vibration the way Porsche did. Porsche took the power off of the center of the crankshaft where a 32-tooth cog meshed with a 31-tooth cog in the power take-off shaft.effectively making the engine two six cylinder engines. Many straight 8 gran prix racing engines worked the same way.
    Interesting description here

  6. Gosh the engine coupling has to be a big part of this and not to be balanced what else is ready for a big boom of metal bits. Lot of work & effort 4 sure.

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