Thursday, August 29, 2019

Shark Nose Classic: 1984 BMW 635CSi

The shark nose e24 generation BMW is another beautiful classic coupe designed by Paul Bracq.   The e24 was a replacement to the aging CS and CSL coupes, and over 86,000 were produced for worldwide consumption from 1976 through 1989. The BMW E24 6-series is one of those 'in-betweener' 80s classics; it isn't quite a collectible classic, but un-restored examples are starting to show their age.  Find this 1984 BMW 635CSi here on eBay offered for $12,900 buy-it-now or make-offer located in Edmond, OK.

From the seller:

This is a very nice, low mileage 1984 BMW 633 CSI. It is a three owner car that was originally from Florida. 

Overall it is in excellent condition for its age and does not appear to have any bodywork or damage. There are some very minor areas of surface rust but no rust of significance.  The only rust spot is a quarter sized bubble in the right rear fender lip.  There are minor dings here and there and the paint does have some water spots that appear to be below the paint. Everything works the way it should and the car starts runs and shifts and stops properly. It is very difficult now to find an example like this in this kind of condition.

Interior is tan leather and shows the normal wear you would expect of a car this age but no tears or damage.

Comes with Bremmer Performance Wheels with only 10% wear on tires.

Options include power windows, power seats, air-conditioning, leather seats and sunroof. 

See a better way to drive a German coupe?


  1. I wanted a 3.0 CS sooo bad when I was young & broke - these later renditions seemed like similar but not the quite same. Meh with slush box & putty interior ..

    1. These E24s are just not as hot as the E9. More reliable, faster, nicer interior, whatever...but the E9 is Ferrari or Jaguar territory imho.

  2. Yeah, this is about the most “meh” e24 extant, for all of anon’s reasons. Uninteresting color, too-big wheels also.

    Think this is a 633, not 635.

  3. I love these and it's in my birth state! Oh, wait, I don't live there anymore and I don't have extra funds. Doh!

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