Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Read Matt's Story About CFlo's Old Volvo 240 on Hagerty.com

This next feature isn't a car offered for sale...but it is a story about a car that was sold from DT's own editor CFlo to DT's feature writer Matt.  The next 58 hours and 2764 miles of Matt's life was far from boring and Matt was nice enough to document it here on Hagery.com.

Photo credit Matt via Hagerty.com.

This is a great story and seems so much more remarkable than heading to your local Honda dealer and buying an Apple Car Play and flappy-paddle-auto equipped HRXCV-whatever. Well bought, well sold, and great story!!


  1. Great article, thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved the tech info along w/ story !

  3. To set the record straight, it actually wasn't my car - I was only facilitating the sale - well OK, I guess it became mine for a short period while I brought it back from the dead.

    It needed a replacement cylinder head due to aluminum corrosion between a cylinder and a coolant passage, and we upgraded the cam in the process to a lumpier OE stick. With working AC and the manual trans it turned out to be a sweet little daily driver for not much coin.


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