Friday, August 9, 2019

Miles and Miles: 1999 BMW M Coupe E38

If you've ever driven a BMW inline-6 with a few miles on the odo (and I regularly, in fact) you typically wince every time you turn the key and hope that high revving beast will turn over and do its thing without something expensive going kablooee.   Knock on Bavarian hardwood, it'll start each time...and the proof in the pudding is cars like this..because 285,000 miles on an M engine is more than a testament to German is astonishing.  What is also astonishing is the meteoric price increase seen in these cars in the past few years, so it is nice to find one offered for sub $10k. Find this 1999 BMW M Coupe offered for $9800 in Santa Rosa, CA via craigslist.

 From the seller:

1999 BMW M Coupe 
condition: excellent 
cylinders: 6 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 285000 
paint color: silver 
size: compact 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
type: hatchback 
Car collector alert - RARE 1999 BMW M Coupe. 5 speed manual. S52 engine. 285k mi. Compare to low mile M Coupe's - this car is going for over $50k today.

SO MUCH FUN TO DRIVE. High miles, but excellent condition. Running great, working everything. Body is extremely clean with no dents. Only very minor issues like rear windshield wiper not functioning. S52 engine still running like a champ.

Just had the subframe checked out, and there are zero cracks or spot weld issues.

Firm on price. Not interested in trades. Not willing to talk about shipping.

 See a cheaper way to get into an M-Coupe?


  1. Its a strange price dance between functionality, mileage & collectability ..

  2. 285k miles !
    Blowing out the dust in the engine compartment and a few minutes with a damp rag would make this a lot more attractive. 285k well taken care of miles vs 285k can't bother to even keep the engine clean miles would be in the back of my mind.

    "Just had the subframe checked out, and there are zero cracks or spot weld issues."
    Is that a thing with these? That's kind of specific and not really reassuring. Do BMWs have frame failures the way Porsches have IMS failures or something?

    1. I remember watching a video of such frame failure, but I can`t find it at the moment. But as far as I remember, yes frame cracking is "a thing" with these cars.

    2. Some leads here:

    3. Yikes, that’s kind of a buzzkill

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  4. I agree that a clean engine bay would be much more attractive to the buyer as well as a more flexible attitude toward the prospective buyer in terms of price, trade, shipping, airport pickup and perhaps calling it a "shooting brake" or Bavarian equivalent? :-) Perhaps he does not really want to sell it but is being prodded at the home front?

  5. So many cars, so little timeAugust 10, 2019 at 1:19 PM

    To convey an idea of what has happened to prices for these, I paid $10k for mine with 93k miles -- in early 2011. If this Shoe is as represented, it can be a good value. Yes, subframe separation is a thing and can be catastrophic, but isn't all that common and can be prevented by proper reinforcement for $2,000 and up.

  6. I had a girlfriend like this once. She was really great however my insecurities couldn't look beyond the past.


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