Friday, August 30, 2019

Mid Week Match-Up: Find A Cheap SUV For M

Welcome back to another episode of DT's favorite game of musical thrones...known better as "Mid Week Match-Up" which is a strange name for a game on Friday, but we aren't here to talk about that. We are here to talk about DT's friend, who for the sake of anonymity will be called M.  M isn't a secret agent, but he does need a car that has a few special needs.  First it must be $4,000ish out the door.  Next, it needs to be newish and safe -- since this will be the car that M's wife will get her US driver's license and learn to it does need to be automatic and at least 4 seats. Let's recap-- $4k, auto, safe, newish, oh...and located in SoCal, near Long Beach if possible...and it needs to be something that doesn't trigger the insurance agents to see green (new no Land Rovers or Lexus LS430s).

 I'm going to suggest this 2002 Honda CR-V offered for $3,800 in Downey, CA via craigslist. It offers the right level of decent miles, ease of driving, and low cost to be a contender. 

What do you recommend for agent M? Comments below.


  1. My father taught me how to drive on a stick shift 1981 Datsun 210 that made 50 hp when new, and I'm not sure how many of those ponies were present and accounted for by the time I drove it. He did so on the theory that if I could drive that, I could drive anything. This Peugeot Diesel swapped Suzuki Sidekick would be the same idea in SUV form.

    OK, this probably isn't the best approach unless you also want to be able to teach the misses to be able to fix anything. But I'm of the opinion that a teach a new driver car needs to be a stick shift. So how about this Toyota 4Runner? Manual transmission and still very competent at rock crawling and other SUV applications. You'd need to talk him just a little bit down on price.

  2. Life is far too nasty, brutish and short to drive a new, cheap, automa... zzZZZ... wha?! Oh, dozed right off there.

    The first car that came up on LBCL was this dy-no-mite custom Eldo! $14K, but it's only money, YOLO, FOMO and so forth.

    [image src="" width="500px"/]

    [image src="" width="500px"/]

    1. That is very special. I wonder if the concrete block under the front wheel will hurt the 14k ask.

  3. Will be hard-pressed to be the CRV for simplicity, reliability, and price. But if you wanted to move a touch up market, here's a 116k mile Highlander for $4200:

  4. Low insurance rates, lots of room, try this 2004 Buick Century Custom right in their own backyard for a cool $3,000.00.

  5. Well hard to go wrong with a Toyota Rav4 or the Honda Crv But under the radar a Suzuki SX-4 wagon is worth a look newer then the other 2 price is 4k or less also.

  6. VehiCROSS!! Newish? Eh. Safe? Yes. Reliable? Yes-ish. Will link if I can find one locally.

  7. Yeah, not only the concrete block, the hood ornament is snapped off.

  8. That is extremely uncommon. I wonder if the solid square under the front wheel will hurt the 14k inquire.


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