Thursday, August 1, 2019

Bracket Racer: 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II Hardtop

If I'm going to pay money for a classic car, its gonna be for the experience.  I'll pay for something that is unique, interesting, fast (or slow...depends on mood), and fun.  What I won't pay for is some silly badge of exclusivity, the latest trendy flashy cool car, an over priced restoration, or more money than some other guy in a Vegas style auction environment suited to the seller's best interest. This next car is something I could park my hard earned sawbucks into. Find this 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II Hardtop offered for $4900 in Petaluma, CA via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:

1966 Plymouth Belvedere 2 
fuel: gas 
title status: clean 
transmission: automatic 

This car was used as a bracket race car, but wasn’t modified, no tubs, no roll bar. It has a nice head liner and good seats and it has a good running 383hp engine and a 727 torqueflite with manual valve body. It was sitting for awhile so the brakes are a little mushy. It runs good but does need some tlc. It had a lot of sticker and sponsor names I removed some, but it need some cleanup.The car has an 8 3/4 sure grip differential. The heater box A/C unit that goes under the dash is in the trunk. No trunk rust. Right side front was repaired at one time, the rest of the car is pretty rust free. Good windows B and M shifter big radiator, good oil pressure. 

 See a better car for parking on the lawn?


  1. "383hp" is a generous way to refer to a 383

  2. And I had no idea that a Boeing 727 even had a transmission. I’m sure it is more than up to the task at hand here.

  3. I personally couldn't pull driving this off (lack of hair out the back of a High Life hat and a some badass mutton chops)
    but it is really cool looking. It looks like it could be used in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

  4. This thing would get me immediate props parked outside a dive bar, dirt track, or seedy bowling alley, but like Sean said, I doubt I've got the personal badassery going on to match my ride.

    1. It would also look great in front of my home (though my neighbors would disagree), which is why I curse you for finding it and bringing it to my attention. Why you gotta keep finding good, cheap, local s**t man?! It's killing me. :)

  5. Would this car, or a '74 Camaro with off-colored panels instantly qualify one for the title of "King of the Trailer Park"? Hmmmm....

  6. Daily Turismo, please feel free to only post vehicles that are outside of my geographic region and beyond my budget. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, there's no need to list perfectly ratty Mopars that sport my favorite American Racing "Daisy" wheels, regardless of location.

    FuelTruck, might I suggest you commence Craig's List searching east of the Rockies, and limit your searches to cars in the $10K-$20K range. Thanks!

  7. What a beauty! Very thankful it’s at the wrong end of the country, otherwise I’m sure the wife would have me sleeping in the garage again...
    I’ve been trying to find a cool car like this, that isn’t early Mustang or Corvette money.
    So far, only Ford Galaxies have come close. Now I have a new search word for my Craigslist app :)
    Now, do I know anyone who still lives in SF?

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  9. Who wouldn't want this??? This is flippin' awesomosity at its' finest! I'd so rock this. Park this in any parking lot, and you are guaranteed to have an open spot on either side, like a parking lot force field. I owned several '66 and '67 Belvederes and Satellites over the years, including two '66 ragtops and an export '67 Belv I wagon that was a funeral car from new in Antwerp, Belgium. I'd ditch that hideous later-model seat and find proper seating for it. Not a big fan of the American Racing "daisy wheels", but paint the centers black, and they'd work for awhile.

    I want.

  10. BTW, this has a REAL Mopar 383, and not that stoker Chevy 350 imposter 383 thing.

  11. Be still my heart. This is just bubbling over with FU personality.


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