Saturday, August 17, 2019

16V Turbo Powered: 1973 Saab 99

This next car tugs at my heartstrings a bit...not just because turbo...or because those wheels are wicked, or because manual gearbox...but mostly because I do miss the ole Draken DT project car. A more modern 16-valve turbo engine might give the 99 some needed thrust, but it won't fix the fact that this 46 year old hunk of steel was born of Jets but built by a bunch of crazy Swedes who thought exposed wiring terminals were fun and that a flywheel should be at the front of an engine. Find this 1973 Saab 99 16V Turbo here on eBay bidding for $916 with 4 days to go, located in Hatfield, MA. Tip from ME. 

From the seller:

Item specifics
Condition: Used Year: 1973
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 9973XXXXXXXX Mileage: 130000
Interior Color: Gray Make: Saab
Number of Cylinders: 4 Model:
Transmission: Manual Trim: 16V Turbo Conversion
Body Type: Coupe Engine: 2.1 16V Turbo
Vehicle Title: Clean Drive Type: FWD
Fuel Type: Gasoline For Sale By: Private Seller
Exterior Color: Yellow Drive Side: Left-hand drive
These old SAABs are getting rare and hard to find!

Built in the 1990's this conversion features a 2.1 liter engine from a SAAB 900 featuring:
Rebuilt less than 1000 miles ago with new turbo, pistons, rings, bearings, and head gasket
forged CP pistons
fuel injection from a 1991 9000 turbo
direct ignition from a 1991 9000 turbo
Mitsubishi TD005 turbocharger
Saab 9000 intercooler
Stainless steel fuel tank with surge tank
The drivetrain features:
5-speed SAAB 900 gearbox
Quaife limited slip diferential
Larger SAAB 9000 size clutch on a lightened flywheel
Taller Europe-only final drive chains
The interior features:
1991 SAAB 900 charcoal cloth seats and charcoal door panels
Racing 6 point seatbelts
SAAB 99 Turbo boost gage
The chassis features:
SAAB 9000 front brake calipers
Late-style SAAB 900 hubs and brake rotors
1991 SAAB 9000 16" wheels
Braided stainless brake lines
Twin Tilton brake master cylinders
Reinforced front control arms
The body features:
Hella driving lamps and headlights
SAAB 900 doors with manual windows
Car has been off the road for 10 years.  Starts right up, runs and drives around the parking lot, but I would not suggest driving it any distance without a thorough going through.  Recent service included tune up, fresh gas, oil change, and fuel pump.  The unibody is pretty solid, and the upper body panels, doors, hood, and trunk are in good shape, but there is some rust on the lower fenders, floor sections, and rockers.  Gearbox works fine, but sometimes makes a funky sound in reverse.  Speedometer sticks so I have no idea how many miles are on the car.

Clean Massachusetts title, I will provide the VIN when I have a chance to look it up! 

 See a better way to drive yellow?


  1. Needs more rat nest wiring under dash......!

  2. I also have a soft spot for these. When buying my first sporting car in college, I almost pulled the trigger on a 99. Somethign about the engine and trans layout seemed wrong. Ended up in a round taillight 2002 (2200 from original owner). Probably made the right choice, but always wondered what strange paths I would have gone down in the 99.

  3. If this were in Northern California or near my mechanic in Brooklyn I’d buy it.
    It’s just a little too far and I’m just a little too old. At one time I’d drive an unknown car with no reverse gear from coast to coast but I’m older and grouchier now

  4. I had one of these 25 or so years ago. Yellow/Green interior, it was pretty cool back then.

  5. Slap a chiquita sticker on it and DRIVE that bad banana !


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