Wednesday, August 7, 2019

1340 Evil Power: 1991 Geo Metro with Harley Power

I've always lamented the lack of belt-drive automobiles from major manufacturers, but the bigger crime is the lack of V-twin power.  You can get cars with miserable 3-cylinders or all manner of 4-bangers, but V-twins are only available in motorcycles...until now. Find this 1991 Geo Metro with Harley Power offered for $3,200 here on eBay buy-it-now or make-offer in Watertown, WI with 2 days to go.

From the seller:

Item specifics
Condition: Certified pre-owned
Seller Notes: “Vehicle in very good condition. Tires like new. HD engine we bought right out of the crate. Engine 50 miles. Car runs. Needs adjustment with”
Year: 1991 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): JG1MR3367MK618539
Mileage: 50 Body Type: Convertible
Make: Geo Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Vehicle Title: Clear
Trim: black Options: Convertible
Engine: Harley Davidson Safety Features: None of the above
Drive Type: FWD Power Options: None of the above
Fuel Type: Gasoline Sub Model: 1440 Eagle
For Sale By: Private Seller Exterior Color: Red
Disability Equipped: No Interior Color: Gray
Drive Side: USA Transmission: Automatic

1991 Geo Metro powered by Harley Davidson engine..1340 Evil 80 inch Standard. Car was bought in Arkansas.  HD engine I believe is 1996 And WAS STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CRATE.   50 miles on the engine.  All above in V Good shape  .Engine runs.  Having trouble with motor mounts loosing.  Belt drive.

See a better way to drive a V-twin?


  1. Man, this is a weird one. That 1340cc Evil 80 inch actually should have said Evo... short for Evolution. It's no longer in production, but lots of parts out there. Oddly enough, the this '91 Geo made about 55 hp/58 torque stock, while this H-D engine made 70 hp/80 torque stock, so it's a step up, LOL. That is assuming it's the 1340 that came out of the Sportster. The one that came out of the Dyna made more than that. In any case, it actually should be a quicker car with H-D motor in it.

    Hmmm, it says it's Certified pre-owned..... yeah right :D

    1. The biggest engine offered in a Sportster is a 1200 Evo, that 1340 probably yields 85-90 pounds of torque. Horsepower, isn't much though: maybe 70.
      Bigger issue is cooling the thing. Unless the builder has massive fans supplying the airflow that engine was designed to receive, it'll cook itself in short order.
      I'd like to know how the throttle and gear changing has been adapted to car....

  2. >> Having trouble with motor mounts loosing.

    Yeah, I can imagine. In the motorcycle frames they are mounted by a fixed/rubber bushing to help with engine vibration transferring to the chassis/rider. This thing must shake something serious with traditional motor mounts, LOL

    1. I hate it when my motor looses itself...then I have to go find it...

  3. OK, repeat after me: "If you have to cut the hood, it DOESN'T fit". And "if the drive belt keeps falling off, it DOESN'T work".

    (I won't even throw in a jab about the world now having one less excellent candidate for an EV conversion....)

  4. The research and development phase of this project lasted the length of time it took one problem drinker to consume a full case of Old Milwaukee. Don't drink and design.

  5. Morgan has been selling Vtwin “automobiles” since 1911, and pretty much perfected them by the mid twenties. Well they haven’t changed much since then, so they must have been perfected, right?

    This design seems to have entirely to much unnecessary stuff.

    1. Too much. That’s how much of the time my iPhone buggers my text.

  6. Stan?

    Bonus, when you hand it over to your daughter, this will weed out the unworthy boyfriends.

  7. Fleetwood T. BroughamAugust 8, 2019 at 5:58 AM

    Man, someone figured out how to make a less reliable Geo that shakes like a magic fingers bed. Fantastic. Hopefully they mounted the speakers from the Harley on the outside mirrors so they can continue to blast Loverboy and .38 Special tunes at every redlight.

  8. Needs more Red Locktite....Son

  9. The custom floating radiator crossmember is a nice design detail! LoL


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