Friday, July 5, 2019

Supercharged Green Machine: 1997 Aston Martin DB7 3.2

Aston Martin is a small boutique British car builder who only built a handful of fast vehicles for the least until 1994 when they released the Jaguar inline-6 powered DB7.  At $140k USD it still was an expensive car, but Aston sold a remarkable 7,000 examples and depreciation has worked its magic so that you can afford one today for about the price of a nicely equipped new Civic. Find this 1997 Aston Martin DB7 3.2 here on eBay offered for $26,998 buy-it-now located in Lauderdale Lakes, FL.

From the seller;

Item specifics
Condition: Used Year: 1997
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): SCFAA2127VK101014 Mileage: 27362
Interior Color: Tan Make: Aston Martin
Transmission: Automatic Model:
Body Type: Other Trim: 3.2
Vehicle Title: Clear Engine: 3.2L I6 24V
Fuel Type: Gasoline Drive Type: RWD
For Sale By: Dealer Manufacturer Interior Color: Beige
Sub Model: Coupe 3.2 Manufacturer Exterior Color: British Racing Green
Exterior Color: Green Number of Doors: 2 Doors

See a better way to drive something green?


  1. I thought to myself, wow, that wounds like a decent deal...until I realized I have a 1997 BMW-inline-six-powered BMW that can even drop the top, for which I paid less than 1/9 this price a couple years ago. Crisis averted.

  2. Big GT with that British leather seating .. reminded me of an interesting read - book by Christopher Creighton "OPJB"

  3. I get it's an Aston-Martin (and it still looks great after 20+ years) but $140k for this back in the day is cra cra.

  4. What are the big service issues for these machines? I know they spent a lot of time parked outside service bays.

    Electrical? (hey, it's British). Mechanical? (hey... it's British)

    Or something else altogether? (hey... it's... um... British...)

    -Stan (who LOVES the lines on this car (top 10 maybe?). But has learned from hard experience that just going for looks doesn't make for a happy long term relationship...)

  5. I give this a 10 on exterior looks but would need to adapt a t56 in order to truly love it.

    Also, I have see the oh so menacing vanquish (what a great name) for $45k. Again, in need of a 6 speed manual.

    Matt Farah has a correct pedal version conversion
    Father is COO of Ralph Lauren

  6. I don’t know about reliability, but all the post Tadek Marek AMs seem like fancy Fords.

    The rear end looks like a Crown Vic.

  7. Look gorgeous both inside and outside but I still love Roll Royce the most (no fence)


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