Saturday, July 13, 2019

Earned that C4 Name: 1987 Chevrolet Corvette

There is an old saying in the car collector community: there's nothing more expensive than a cheap car.  This is probably because the cost of restoration is usually never recuperated later on, unless you ride some wave of ridiculous price appreciation (thanks hipsters!) -- but making money isn't why most of us restore cars -- we do it for the love of the wrench.  So, go ahead and get your next project car -- the heads are off and the entry price is cheap. Find this 1987 Chevrolet Corvette offered for $999 in Orlando, FL via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!


From the seller:
1987 Chevrolet Corvette 
VIN: 1G1YY218XH5125638 
condition: fair 
cylinders: 8 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 104543 
title status: clean 
transmission: automatic 
type: coupe 
1987 Corvette. Aluminum head L98 engine with automatic transmission.

We purchased this as a father and son project but after starting the son didn’t keep up his end of the bargain and let his grades slip at school. I hate to sell this but unfortunately he has to learn a difficult lesson.

Three owner car, previous owner owned it from 1991 until last year. Adult owned and driven it has not been modified or raced.

It was bought with a blown head gasket. We have a video of it running with white smoke blowing from the exhaust. No water in the oil. We removed heads and had them rebuilt at Dover Cylinder Head at an expense of $450. Also including new gasket set, head bolts and a starter $209. Heads are sitting on block for your inspection and completion.

Interior is original and complete, will need some attention. Exterior is UV faded.

My kid’s loss in your gain… please buy this, fix it up however you want and then drive by our house and taunt him for his foolishness!

See a better way to start your own father-son project?


  1. It sounds like Red Foreman's school of parenting.

  2. Florida Man gets thrown into gator swamp by son for selling his car! Survives by pinching the swamp creatures with jumper cables!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This would be an excellent start for one of those budget constraint competitions like lemons or GRMs $2019 challenge.

    You could probably find enough stuff to sell to get the cost down to zero, and spend the budget on cheap SBC horsepower shocks and a transmission cooler.


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