Monday, July 29, 2019

Did Not Z This Coming: 1985 Nissan Spartan Kit

In 1985 you could have gone to your local Nissan dealer and picked up a V6 powered Nissan 300ZX for something in the range of $20k out the door...or you could have found a guy named Ron Sparks in San Marcos, CA who could take that Z and turn it into something that your neighbor won't have.  It was called the Spartan and cost more than $60,000 when new...but it looked like a million bucks and drove like a modern sports car.  So I guess you could have your cake and eat it too...if you were loaded...and into the retro-styled things that looked like an Excalibur, Zimmer, Tiffany, etc. Find this 1985 Nissan Spartan Kit here on eBay offered for $19,500 buy-it-now or make offer located in Princeton, TX. Tip from Hugh.

 From the seller:

1985 Nissan Spartan 
3900 miles 
1 owner car 

Presented for sale is this extremely rare example of a Nissan Spartan. 
Showing 3900 miles, this is certainly one of the finest examples out there 

Purchased new in California for a price in excess of $60,000 
It resided there until being sold as part of the owners estate 

Overall this car presents as a clean driver, it is complete and runs well. 
It was sitting so recently the fuel tank was drained, new fuel pump added, and new fuel injectors. 

The paint appears to be all original and is a nice color scheme, the interior is free of tears, and all electrical appears to be functioning. 

Overall an extremely rare opportunity to acquire one of the few on the market, and only one on the market with these miles! 

I will sell world wide and have a clean title in hand for this car 

Item specifics
Condition: Used Year: 1985
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): JN1HZ16S4FX049082 Mileage: 3900
Trim: Spartan 3900 miles, Rare. Make: Nissan


 See a better way to drive something unique?


  1. buy this
    take it to the next JCCS show
    watch the Nissan fanboys' heads explode

  2. Paging Sheik Yerbouti, your dad's here and wants to know why your transportation fund is overdrawn -

  3. I guess Ron Jeremy cancelled his order to move on up to a real Bentley previously owned by Capt Al Hubbard …

  4. I could never understand the appeal of these cars.

    Coachwork (fenders/front/back) that looked like an old Mercedes staff car.

    But the center was plucked out of a Caddy, and shoved into that amazing otherness.

    Prize fighters and various celebrities were seen tooling around in their ZImmers and Excaliburs...

    ...always made me wonder what their homes looked like. Black velvet Elvis paintings?

    Two story Aquariums, complete with sharks?

    And catered delivery from KFC and Mickey Ds?

    Navin Johnson would've been proud...

    -Stan (...yeah...*that* Stan....)

  5. Starting to sound like tall tales but.....The prototype place I worked at built a resto-mod Clenet car for Sultan of Brunei

    It had a injected 454 and Dayton gold wheels. These style of cars are funky!

  6. Just the thing to drive to the Nissan S Cargo and Figaro club meeting.

  7. this needs an rb swap and demon camber STAT!

  8. It even has T-Tops. They should have photographed it with them out as well. Funny thing is, it has that long sloping rear, yet it doesn't appear to open. So, while you might want to take advantage of the smooth riding, long wheelbase for a road trip, you'll have to pack your luggage in the back seat!

    1. Naaah. Go old school and mount the luggage on the back w/leather straps. Looks cool, and (hopefully) flies free and clear if you get a rear end collision.

      Looks like the gas tank is mounted in the rear. All the more reason to keep the luggage outside. Guessing there is minimal frame/crumple zone (one of the downsides of resto-mods). So a good smack in the rear and you'd go full tilt Pinto.


      -Stan (the *other* Stan...)

  9. Yes, I believe it's RARE, and with good reason.


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